[Build] Will-I-am your worst nightmare

This build is somewhat basic. It focuses on gun damage & handling buffs, ensuring that you are the one the enemies fear, not your pets. This is a build that will use the celestial COM exclusively.


Don’t be fooled though, you will need your trusty pets to survive though. Saint is your only source of health regen, and wolf makes an excellent decoy to take the pressure off you. So be sure to recall them as soon as you are finished with them. This will ensure that they are ready to go by the time you reach the next fight.
Also be sure that you are painting all your targets. It’s bonus damage going to waste if you forget about it. Not to mention the additional time granted to your pets.

Weapons; Lasers will be your best friend. I suggest maliwan blasters over the rosie because of the inconvenient truth that the recoil on the rosie means that you will almost never be getting the full damage bonus. Blasters are just easier to keep on target, easier to crit with and more ammo efficient. The Excalibastard has great synergy with power fist. Tediore splitters are another nice choice.
Other non-laser guns to use include; Jacobs Sookum Diaub sniper, Bullpups, Maggie, hammer buster II, Jacobs Docs Coach Gun or Docs Striker, Badaboom, Etc.
Basically anything that kills stuff!

Gear; Eddie, Bulwark, Quasar & Celestial com are what I run with. But it can get a bit boring with the same laser set up all the time… in fact that’s kinda the only down side to this build. Yes you are a bionic God among mere mortals. But it does get dull after a while. So feel free to substitute any piece of gear you like.


This build is surprisingly good, comparing to build that focuses on Hunter-Killer, the survivability provided by Dreadnought is really good in boss fight too!