[Build] Winter Soldier

This is currently a bit of a work in progress but I think its far enough along to post and get feedback to perfect it. I was interested in the CoE coms when they came but didn’t know how to make Athena’s work and then I was doing the turret part of “Lets build a robot army” and I ended up really just using my Too Scoops and maintaining stacks by ZR and WotG along with smite. So I thought why not embrace that Idea with a com to better support it. So here that idea is and so far its working pretty well.

In the image above the 2 points in EB are supposed to be in Flash Freeze I respeced before I took this shot and I’ll put up a new one soon.
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  • Too Scoops
    This is one of the best guns for freezing enemies, has a really large AOE. While this is not the best vs a single enemy its really unmatched when you have multiple targets in front of you. You can freeze an entire group easily with this and since its has both slow bullet speed and shards that spray off of it jumping after you shoot it or even after it hits can proc smite. Between the CoE com and Maelstrom this gun does have killing power and can make very short work of trash mobs. But even more Elite mobs, freeze multiple enemies with this, swap to flakker and you just killed a lot of enemies quick.
  • Bladed Fridgia
    With its high freeze chance, the CoE com and Storm Weaving this freezes everything insanely quick but also with its no recoil its easy to land most shots on crit as well at a somewhat close range. Good thing this is a close range build. Not only does this freeze quick but it kills really fast as well even UBA enemies in UVHM drop quick to this. A little Maelstrom, critical hits, the CoE com adding more elemental damage. This is a real powerhouse of a gun. Also since your bloodrushing frozen enemies the blade can down them quick as well. A real threat all around.
    Casual Flakker
    What cryo build isn’t complete without a great explosive gun. This is both the boss killer but also great at mobbing when you have a bigger enemy you want to take out. The damage between Maelstrom stacks and the Cryo bonus its hard for anything to survive long.
  • 4th slot Open
  • Fatale is ok but in the end I didn’t use it much because of the Fridgia just out preformed it
  • Bladed Hyperion Splitter was pretty good too but suffered a bit of the same as the fatale, but i did out do the fridga on some enemies and having a blade is nice as well as the hip fire accuracy
  • Possibly another explosive weapon if I can’t find another cryo gun worth while
  • Possibly leave it open for faster SW
  • Chronicler of Elpis
    Added Freeze chance, Added Cryo damage, and more shield capacity is all really helpful and was the inspiration of this build. The skill points at first seemed odd but most fit pretty well. Tear and Bloodlust both fit nice because of the Cryo melee bonus, so you should be getting Blood Rush anyways. 9/5 Tear is really strong and bloodlust I ended up just using one in and saving some points to put elsewhere. Overload works great for getting and maintaining stacks and has a really high chance of 81% at 9/5, Unrelenting really helps DPS and freeze enemies faster, also you are doing a lot of swapping with this build and its a huge help there as well.
  • Stormfront
    You would think that with no shock or fire guns you would be using a lot of these but really its saved for bosses and BA enemies. The skills let you get plenty of stacks and the com basically gives you a free 100 stacks to start with via the Cryo damage boost. When you need to toss one or a few of these and its game over quick, either your Cryo guns or the Flakker depending on what you are fighting.
  • Juggernaut Oz kit
    This is still up for some debate but so far this has been the best kit. The survival is helpful but you are slamming a lot with Hades’ Shackles and all the Cryo, mine is not a cryo kit but explosive for that extra damage on the enemies already frozen.
  • Shield is still up for debate
  • Asteroid Belt and while helpful I did have some survival issues but those could of been me figuring the build out
  • Reogenator I usually don’t like as much as an adaptive because of the capacity but the com helps with that and the healing stacked with Bloodlust and Vanguard is quite nice
  • Deadly bloom is one I’m still playing with, those novas with all the cryo is nice
  • Shock nova shields are also options for some more free stacks


  • Invictus 5/5
    Since this is a cryo build the Aspis’ explosive damage is quite nice but why not make it better. Between this, Maelstrom, and the Freeze bonus you can take out enemies really well and maybe times I end up throwing it early to both get stacks and since enemies are often frozen I don’t always need its protection.
  • Vanguard 5/5
    Simply put I needed the healing and this was the reason I went into this skill tree.


  • Gun Kata 5/5
    More base damage for all those Multiplicative skills is great but melee damage on frozen enemies is huge so I wanted to stack good damage there as well.
  • Mercurial 4/5
    Since Bloodlust was boosted +4 by the com I didn’t need that to be 9/5 and that gave me 4 points. I really love this skill both the survival is helpful and that damage reduction stacked with the Juggernaut and the Reogenator is quite high. But the movement speed helps me move from enemy to enemy faster and keep the stacks up. So this skill does have DPS purpose as well
  • Omega-Senshu 5/5
    Multiplicative damage on DOTS, bullets, splash, Aspis, grenades, etc… Yup I want it. Very often enemies die to a combonation of dots mainly do to this, bleed, cryo, or fire/shock from Hades or Zeus’ Rage. Also comes in handy with the extra health BA enemies received in UVHM.
  • Rend 1/1
    At this point I hope everyone gets this, endless Blood Rush, massive damage from Tear, Bloodlust, and the 12 second bleed dot even does wonders.
  • Bloodlust 5/5
    This only has 1 skill point in it but gets +4 from the com. 9/5 with this alone wasn’t enough to keep me healthy, but 9/5 of this with 5/5 Vanguard was overkill, so I saved the 4 points from this and put them into Mercurial.
  • Tear 9/5
    63% multiplicative damage from this is nothing to ignore, since you are Blood Rushing anyways this makes sure you finish enemies fast.
  • Blood Rush 1/1
    I use this 2 ways in this build.
  • Wait to use it until after Hades’ Shackles because if you kill an enemy tethered to you the stacks you gain are huge and plentyful. So if HS is available you want freeze, slam, bloodrush and kill. Then you are instantly at massive stack counts often 200+. You want to guarantee you get the kill with HS tethers if not you just waste it.
  • HS is cooling down, then you use this as normal and get to enemies faster while you still have the stacks and kill them fast.

Ceraunic Storm

  • Storm Weaving 4/4
    The fire rate boost is great for everything but the scoops but the effect chance is almost a bigger deal in this build. +100% chance from this, +44% from the com turns the Fridgia from 30% to 73% chance with 2 bullets, similar with the Scoops although how that thing freezes so well at around 8% is still a mystery. But going back to the fire rate, it makes both the Fridgia and the Flakker so much more threatening as if they were not already.
  • Maelstrom 1/1
    So even though I don’t use shock or fire weapons the skills below in this tree let me run upto 300 stacks with this build pretty easily and the CoE com’s +44% cryo damage is pretty much a free 100 stacks to start with.
  • Conduit 5/5
    This is great for survival when you need it. I often throw the Aspis early for stacks with ZR and while if you do it right enemies are frozen and you are somewhat safe but the enemies don’t always behave or they shoot from afar. Toss a stormfront and your shield is back.
  • Smite 1/1
    Great damage but also this really helps with your stacks. In a lot of builds this is almost a happy accident extra damage but in this build its a major part, pay attention to the timer and use it to keep your stacks moving up. Both the Flakker and the Scoops makes it easy to activate even on moving enemies because of the massive AOE they both have.
  • Unrelenting 5/5
    This is another 1 point and +4 from the com. Fire rate is great and usually helps build stacks and those stacks give you more fire rate etc… But in this build its more just helps keep SW active with swap speed and DPS from the fire rate so I felt more than 5 was overkill and those 4 points really help with needed skills below.
  • Superconductor 4/5
    I might squeeze a point from elsewhere to get this at 5/5 but as of now its only 40%. But even at 40% it procs quite often and helps keep your stack count without having shock or fire guns. The range on it is also larger than you might think.
  • Zues’ Rage 1/1
    This is all about stacks, even with only hitting once the AOE is so large its easy to hit multiple enemies with this to really build them up and the Aspis throw its self being explosive on frozen enemies works wonders.
  • Overload 9/5
    This has a 81% proc chance with 9 points in it and it happens more often you would think because of skills like Smite, ZR, and HS. When you get both the burning and shock to transfer thats 40 stacks on top of what those dots give you. This is a big reason this build works. You can quickly go from 0-300 stacks before you know it with no shock/fire guns or grenades.
  • Flash Freeze 2/5
    I played around with the right amount of points in here for quite a bit and too many means you loose stacks by not gaining them so I settled at 2.
  • Hades’ Shackles 1/1
    I have new respect for this skill after using this build, the amount of stack you can get from this alone is insane but you have to make sure you kill an enemy attached to the tether. If you don’t do that you barely get any stacks. But combine this with Overload and you get a ton of stacks instantly and its game over for the enemies.


-coming soon


-coming soon


Get it? Because Captain America.


yup and more characters…

I fixed your spec screenshot:

No but seriously, I wish I had the attention span to use this build properly.

It’s all I can do to remember to hit slam before I Blood Rush to do the Draco Meteor thing.

I can’t imagine thinking about Flash Freeze too…


Any photoshop experts want to take that image and put the skill tree in the background?

I can actually probably do it, but you might want to take a more current shot (with Flash Freeze).

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@Derch How are you liking Overload?

Quite a bit at that high of a %, When I get that and a HS kill I’ve gone from 0-300 in a few seconds. I was playing this a bit co-op today and the stacks still came just fine ran a lot of the time 200+ stacks and didn’t have any real survival issues.

I am toying with putting 4 in Superconductor and only 1 in FF. I’ll play with that bit more before I fix the pic. See how I want to do it for sure.

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, Torguemada is Mini-Flakker.

Might work in that 4th slot.

It’s kinda the Fridgia to Flakker’s Too Scoops. You know what I mean?

I will give that a try tomorrow, there are times where the flakkers speed hurts…

But also I wanted to play with it to do a proper write up for Top Gear, this is a perfect way to do that.

I ditched the Shock Bullpup in Blue Steel so I could use Flakker and Torguemada at the same time.

I regret nothing.

How do you choose between the two? And what about the shields?

Flakker is for clusters of enemies (Quasar helps here if they are not clustered initially) or large bosses like Felicity, Iwajira, etc, Torguemada is for single, normal-sized Badasses. Everything else can’t withstand a Frozen Blood Rush, so Fridgia sees more time in my hands than either of these.

As for Shields:

  • Frozen Blood Rush
  • Quasar
  • Frozen Explosive = 3 * .8 = 2.4, which is actually pretty close to 2.75 if you consider that most Shock weapons don’t have splash.

More thoughts Re: Explosive/Cryo vs Shields

Basically, Derch and I have come to similar conclusions:

You don’t need Shock guns to build stacks or bust shields. Sure they help (and your build gets 999 stacks really easily), but there’s a difference between maxing damage, and min/maxing damage.

I kinda like this idea, Too Scoops/Flakker for clusters and Fridgia/Torguemada for single enemies.

I already do this with the Fridgia and Scoops.

The Reo seems to be winning right now but I’m swapping around still, more Dome runs should narrow that down more.

You have survivability issues with AB, but Reo you don’t?

You may as well use a Purple Adaptive than Reo…

Very nice Build, as usual @Sljm :smile:

Could you consider this idea : Using Purple Neutral Tediore Pistol (maybe the Shooterang ?) for that 4th slot ?

And you could optimize it by taking your 4 points of Superconductor and put them in Gathering Tempest too :wink:

It’s just a way to use those 900 Pistol’s ammo that are sleeping in your Backpack :laughing:

Or you could also use the Nukem to “nuke 'em all those f***king freezed Badasses” !! (and very helpful to manage your Second Wind, if off range of The Flakker)

Winter is coming!
Nice build, Derch

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The idea/build looks great and fun and I’ve tried something similar but it’s too much micro-management (freeze, slam, cooldowns, pay attention to the DOTs, Flash Freeze, stacks, etc.) for my likings. I like to kill enemies one by one with my Fridgia (one of my favourite guns in the game) and Blood Rush.
Do you have some sort of advice to make the gameplay of your build more plain and simple without to have to concentrate on all those things.

Slam, Blood Rush, freeze, EXPLOSION NOISE.

Two seconds in Flash Freeze is hardly noticeable. Enough time to swap to your explosive weapon.

Hades’ Shackles cooldown is reasonable. About every three engagements it will stack for you. Slam attacks will stagger the enemy so it’s a good habit to get into anyways.

First off thanks for confusing me with @Sljm normally I would be insulted to be confused with someone, but look at that avatar, so handsome and so math

Tediore chucking could work but I’m just not a fan of doing it, not my style but I’m sure it would work. Same with the Nukem, I just don’t love launchers, but again the Nukem also does great at charging the Aspis so its not a bad idea at all.

This build is still somewhat new to me but its getting easier each time I play it and less thinking about it and more of it being automatic. But like @BookEmDano said below the 15 second cooldown can be broken down to engagement time and managed that way, or just keep slamming. If you spend a lot of time in air and slamming you will proc them quite often. Thats one of the beautiful things about the Scoops is you don’t have to be accurate at all with it, shoot it around the feet of a bunch of enemies, slam with explosive damage and if HS goes off you have some quick kills, if not you have some easy kills already. But it is as he said…

That is the flow where on my deputy I hardly slam at all, its bloodrush shoot repeat.