[Build][WIP/Looking for advices] Tsunami of grenades Moze

Today it’s my turn to share a build I’ve been working on during the last few weekends.
It’s a mindsweeper build that I’ve built around the Tsunami (but works well with lots of weapons!) to combine as many grenades of different elements as possible.

This is by not a raid build by any means. While it is very fun for mobbing and works ok enough for bosses (and can even clear the takedown in M4 scaled to 1 player!), at this stage of development is definitely not efficient enough for a swift TD run.

Skill tree:

I think it’s self-explanatory. I am trying to boost my splash damage as much as I can to boost the damage of my grenades via heavily investing in the DM tree. BM and SoR are adding more gun, fire damage and ammo regen to keep ASE anointments forever while mobbing.

The star of the show:

It took me two full weekends (!) of farming to get one with rad anointment (even if the horrible sight limits its usability on the long-range :frowning: )
The Tsunami let me spam pellets/grenades with electric and corrosive (and kinetic, all three of them from the weapon itself) fire (Moze’s abilities) and radio. Plus, the radioactive blast-on-kill from the anointment offers massive crowd control.
A 125% damage to bosses/badasses is used against Wotan, given that he resists radio.

Both the Faisor and the Night hawking are excellent support weapons. They both sport low recoil and high damage. The Faisor can keep its anointment forever due to the large mag size, while the NH can reach absurd levels of damage stacking kills; this is extremely convenient since the grenades from MS inherit the base damage of the crit that spawned them.

The rest of the gear:

The class mod was a lucky roll. The splash damage is a must to boost grenades, and the additional crit is definitely welcomed to get stronger grenades.

Nothing else to say here. Lots of grenades, and BBB to keep them coming.

At the moment I don’t have any footage of my gameplay, but I’d be happy to provide some if requested.

I am open to ideas on how to optimize and improve the build. It’s not on par with other splash-heavy builds, but I am quite tired of using the Blast master COM with its limitations (caring about reloads, not being able to use non-splash weapons) so I thought I’d give the Mindsweeper a try. So far it’s fun :smiley:

Side note: if people are interested I am more than eager to share the savefile :slight_smile:

-fixes to the skill tree, as suggested
-changed the name with a more catchy one
-fixed the Tsunami picture and description to reflect the correct anointment used in the build.


That’s pretty optimised. Great rolls on your gear. Maybe you could farm for +smg dmg to replace the crit roll.

The other thing you could try is swapping your support guns to Maliwan, maybe a trevonator, ion laser and kybs and switching your points in cloud of lead to matched set for bigger mags.

Otherwise great build! I love the Tsunami it carried me through most of the post story levelling.

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The possible optimization that stands out to me is you don’t have 5/5 Stainless Steel Bear, I’d take points from Why can’t I carry and Skag den.

Why you ask? Because short fuse’s damage is affected by SSB. It’s a fairly noticeable dps increase once you add ssb to Short Fuse.

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Yep I’d agree with @Prismatic. I didn’t notice the lack of points there. Skag den won’t be doing much until micro grenade procs and SSB will make short fuse a 90% multiplier. Good advice.

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If you’ve got 3/3 Means of Destruction and you’re also wearing a Big Boom Blaster shield, then there’s zero point in chucking points at Why Can’t I Carry all the Grenades as any form of grenade regen you have will make your carry limit irrelevant.

Are you piloting Iron Bear for any periods of time or are you strictly going full-Auto Bear? Because if it’s the latter, I’d say take two points out of Grizzled (3 points is enough for a strict Auto Bear build,) combine it with the other two points from WCICatG and put them into SSB.


First of all, thank you, everyone, for the suggestions!

I’d like to replace the fire rate one instead, I feel that I don’t really need it. I want to keep my passives as agnostic as I can, since I like to fill my 4th slot with different things for the testing purposes.
For the sake of brevity I didn’t include here my inventory, but so far I have done Athenas test runs with a variety of non-smg weapons, including a purple Jakobs stagecoach (which is hilarious to use in crowded scenarios). Lastly, I am trying to avoid splash damage weapons like trevonator, kybs, ogre and such, as I abused the heck out of them with my splash build.

I knew about short fuse and SSB interacting, I just totally forgot about them while assigning my points :cold_sweat:. I needed points to reach short fuse, so I just put then in Why Can’t I Carry all the Grenades. That is a great adivce, thx.

I am using grizzled exclusively to get IB back online very fast, so I can reactivate my ASE anointments and have softening missiles to debuff the battlefield. I can shave another point or two there, then, and maximize my damage with SSB.
I’ll test the build tonight and I’ll report back.
Thx a lot again :slight_smile: