[Build WIP] Universal Nisha

We are getting 10 more unnecessary skill points and now maybe it can be possible to have a universal skill set to fit all popular Classmods, guns and equipment for a non-melee Nisha. Maybe we don’t have redistribute skillpoints anymore. It would be the best thing these 10 additional skill points would do.

Is it possible to have a such a skill set?
What are your opinion on how skill trees should look like?

Let’s try something like this:

Supported Classmods:
Celestial Lawbringer
Eridian Vanquisher
Chronicler of Elpis
The Kid

I plan to make a “universal” Nisha build soon, but I don’t plan on making it fit with all popular COMs… Instead, I will pick about 2 that I really think are great and versatile, and will go with them. Probably sheriff and Chronicler of elpis. And I also won’t be spending points in melee skills or non-elemental skills, as they defeat the purpose of being “universal” So it would mostly be a “near universal” build :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not sure prepping for everything is the way to go… for example, those 3 points in 3rd degree are both wasted on non-melee builds…and not enough for melee builds.

There are only 2 points spent to NE skills in the skill set above. Of course, they will be useless for an elemental gun oriented playstyle, but leaving them as placeholder should not create a problem.

At the end of the day this build does not aim to get highest efficiency from skil points. Getting a universal build for Nisha can not be made without making little sacrifices. I believe, we have room for sacrifices, thanks to the easier than BL2 structure of the game.

Melee is always a universal thing in my opinion, and melee has a good synergy with guns for Nisha. With due process, for every melee strike this skill rewards with a good amount of gun damage. And that is encouraging to use that cool whip as much as possible.

3rd degree is always useful for additional melee damage and I think it is better than wanted. Therefore, 3rd degree gets 3 points, while the wanted has 1 as a placeholder

Major update on the build :stuck_out_tongue:
Focus has been changed to non-melee, which is the most common stye of play in Nisha community.

Man, all the new Nisha builds are soooo similar :frowning:

This is 4 points away from Sljm’s build and 3 from mine…

I don’t blame you: there is only so much room available for difference now…

This is what that many points will do to character diversity…

Still, Well done my friend.

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Basically it’s going to come down to gear selection and why.

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