Build without splash Damage?

Hi Guys

There is any viable build without use splash damage or Launcher for mayhem 10?

Deathless build with Sandhawk.

thanks, i’ll check

Sandhawk is splash damage


But you don’t need any splash boosts to clear M10 content. Green/Red tree is great with it.

Yeah I know but then as with all splash weapons, you might as well boost it because you’re going to have an easier time. Could use an Anarchy as well for just OP gunning through content, it’s also splash though.

Just sayin’

Off the top of my head:

  • Green/Red trees
  • Monarchs with the 150% radiation annoint
  • Reflux with the 150% radiation annoint for crowd control
  • Bloodletter
  • Knife Drain Deathless + Fish slap grenade for healing
  • Whatever shield you like - I would probably go Big Boom Blaster for this build

0 splash there. But you would lose the Iron Bear debuff augments so that sucks since that’s pretty much the only thing he’s good for right now

Cap Arms are still good enough to hop in and fire off once and exit. They can fully or nearly full strip shields off every enemy close by.

Unless a non splash gun has a much higher base damage, splash with be king. That was true in BL2 as well.

When comparing splash and non splash guns of similar type, they often are close in base damage. A splash gun adds an additional multiplier. Even just having a passive splash or AoE boost of COM or artifact helps a lot.

Maybe swap out the Monarchs for an OPQ. You also don’t need the Knife Drain Deathless – Hex nades naturally crit and have a high DoT chance, which are both good sources of healing.

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This build with a Sapper COM (with +5 in “The Iron Bank”, + mag size, + weapon dmg + crit dmg), a Pearl artifact (with +50% mag size, + fire rate) and a Band Of Sitorak shield. Like this you have huge mags, never run out of ammo. You might go to FFYL once in a while but you will get up again very fast.

Current weapons: Monarch (105 shots/mag) , OPQ (54 shots/mag), Sandhawk (semi-auto, 47 shots/mag), Kaoson (full auto). Yellowcake always works (esp. with Some For The Road).

Other weapons that I am still farming: Redistributor (this will be tough), Clairvoyance (full auto), Reflux, Hellshock

All weapons have 150% bonus radiation damage if health lower than 50% anointment. Perhaps Consecutive Hits works, too.

Building up from @Headhunter3000 's ideas I would come up with this build

  • Thin Red Line: only go for 2/3 for healthgating purposes

  • Take full 5/5 Vladof Ingenuity

  • Shield reg through Force Feedback instead of Behind the Iron Curtain (its cheaper and instant as long as you score crits which you should because your Redistribution and your Scorching RPM’s benefit from it as well)

  • Full Can of Whoop-Ass is an option I can live with but do not take myself

  • The green tree is almost identical apart from the fact that I avoid Click, Click… and spent full points on The Iron Bank

As class mod I recommend Green Monster or Bloodletter
As shield I would prefer the Re-Charger
Artifact should be a Lunacy

As for weapons and grenade mod you are now quiet free to choose whatever you like because we avoided Matched Set and are not bound to look for Splash Damage. I would like to hear your guns and grenade recommendations though…

O.P.Q and Mind Sweeper… I posted the combo, its a two piece party, melt M10

Looks interesting. What about survivability (as you don’t use Sapper)?

Yeah, 3/3 in TRL looks like Death Wish, but the weapons anointment requires it. With 2/3 it doesn’t proc. And the survivability is better than you might think. But you need weapons with high fire rate. But even the sandhawk in semi auto shoots quick enough to build up health quicker than it’s drained. Plus with the new health steal buffs for Moze it even works better.

You might see yourself in FFYL once in a while but I don’t consider Sapper the best way to avoid that. Sapper “just” fills your already shortened HP bar. With the Re-Charger and Lunacy (that comes with passive HP regen) my Bloodletter has way more room to work in my favour.

I see. In my experience even huge shields can go down quickly when attacked by multiple badass RPG zealots in Slaughter Shaft. This is the best test for me. I rather like a more “active” or brute force method of survivability just in time when I need it than relying on a buffer that could go down in seconds. The shield is not for my protection, it’s just there to proc Tenacious Defense as often as possible to get 30% bonus dmg (break -> recharge quickly -> break -> …).

But in the end it’s all dependent on everyone’s own playstyle.

You are posting a Mind Sweeper in a thread about Non-Splash-Builds?? Ballsy!!!

That might be the best consensus we are always going to get in discussions like this. I totally agree with you that you can design TD to work offensively…see this build by @FaeDrake. He uses the Re-Charger with the On Shield Break Anointment.

That’s why I go for 5/5 Vladof Ingenuity. The shock resistance helps to stabilize your shield quite a bit.


Yeah I know lol but we’re dealing splash rather than using it in a synergy…

Am I wrong? I can take it. Hit me.
Edit: “without splash” so entirely… I interpreted incorrectly