[Build] Zane of all trades


I´ve been looking at alot of builds online but haven´t found one that really suits my style so far. So despite being new to Borderlands (I´ve played the predecessors but only fooled around abit) I gave it a shot to build something myself and am quite happy with the result.

I wanted to avoid the following:

  1. Double barrel, because of it´s currently aweful functionality
  2. Too much reliance on kill skills for coop (not using Seeing red for reasons explained later)
  3. Going either full offence or full defence (so shooting for a healthy balance)
  4. Any other annoying or buggy talent
  5. Rely on ■■■■■■■■ like porcelain bomb

But aimed for:

  1. Good defence + good offense
  2. A valuable build for solo or coop gameplay simultaneously on any difficulty
  3. A rambo build, because fun

So, to start off we´ll use the Rough Rider paired with this mod. If you can get your hands on it use this artifact. The rough rider is mandatory, the mod is much preferred and for the artifact you have some options.
For weapons you´re pretty much free to pick and choose, although I heartily recommend Lucian´s Call and, more importantly, the musket.
Once you´ve got the gear together you go rambo on Mayhem 3 with the musket and be fine while dealing tons of damage. I´m not sure if it´s the artifact or just Brain freeze working so well with the musket but you very frequently freeze enemies using it alone. If you get really lucky, there´s an anointed perk that gives +50% cryo damage while SNTL is active which would be nuts on the musket using this build. Speaking of which, here we go:

Zane of all trades

(edit: updated based on suggestions posted below)

As you can see we invested heavily into health regeneration but also gain a good amount of weapon damage via Synchronicity and violent momentum (for that, try to get +x supersonic man on your mod). Reload Speed and fire rate increased by cool Hand and violent violence are also really nice. The main source of damage in this build though is the ability (and necessity in some ways) to always be offensive. As long as you are leeching life and freezing enemies it is very rare that you die. This is also the reason for not using Seein’ red: we constantly prolong our action skills using Cool, calm and collected so we would barely ever make use of it.
As for coop viability, I think the benefits are pretty obvious. SNTL and the shield are awesome.

The one choice to play around with is 5 points in Cool hand. Another obvious candidate is violent speed. My reasoning is that the weapon damage we have is all additive so we have diminishing returns on that. So reload speed will factor in multiplicatively, to what extent it is useful though I am not sure. The other point is that, playing as offensively as we do, we want to minimize leeching downtime. Another option is borrowed time, mostly useful for bossing though otherwise pretty much wasted given cool, calm and collected.

And finally the only real cons to the buld I´ve noticed are bossfight with downtimes long enough to just make our action skills run out. Those are a pain, but they mostly are that anyways on Zane.
Also wasting 5 points in the first line of undercover is kinda painful.

edit: I just finished playing through the “In The shadow of Starlight” Mission on TVHM Mayhem +3. I´m not sure, but from what I gathered most builds would reroll those mods while this build can just tank the Damage and capitalize on the insane Damage buff. I got into ffyl 2 or 3 times and never died. So if I´m Right that this is kinda hard for most builds, it´s a good indicator of this builds strong suits.

So there you go, that´s the build. Being new to borderlands, I´m not very knowledgeable on the game, so any feedback is doubly appreciated.


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I’d 100% reccomend going violent speed, extra movement speed is always nice. SNTL doesn’t have the damage output that works on mayhem 3. Digi clone is really nice if you’re using the right augments, because you can have digi clone share the damage you take. You can also 2nd wind off of the Old-U skill, which is cool for obvious reasons. Definitely spec into Cool hand, extra reload = extra dps. The musket is amazing. and so is the Lucian’s call, I’d also recommend picking up a Maggie, Lyuda, Hellwalker, and Butcher. Your spec seems pretty nice, and overall good choice of gear. Great to have so many people making awesome builds for Zane already :smile:

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Glad you liked it. :slight_smile:

The problem with the things about the clone you mentioned is that you pretty much need Boom. Enhance. to make either useful. Without it, the clone just gets insta-gibbed in mayhem 3 - which is very annoying even with this build.
Also I think you are underestimating the SNTL. The damage output of it is the last thing that´s important I think - Bad dose on the other hand is the coolest skill augment zane has (in my opinion at least) and winter´s Drone is a nice bonus freeze chance aswell. Also I am hunting for the +50% cryo perk while SNTL is up which I mentioned above… admittedly this is kind of a long shot though :stuck_out_tongue:

So all in all I´d lose the utility of SNTL (which I want to keep for coop at least) and would only have 5 points left in Hitman since I would not play clone without Boom. Enhance. which is why I decided against the clone

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Ohh ok, that makes sense. I wasn’t using the cryo augment for SNTL, which sounds really nice, with all of Zane’s cryo skills. I was running the Bad dose, and the rocket pod, makes sense why no dps with it :laughing:

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Why not put one point in drone delivery? I find it procs more than once every 15s, might be bugged tho, feels like once per kill or two. Without it, you are missing out on having a grenade at all.

Really expensive jacket doesn’t seem necessary with futility belt

I prefer violent violence over donnybrook. We already have so many gun dmg buffs and they are addictive so I feel like 12.5% fire rate is better than 15% gun dmg for us. Plus 2.5% of MISSING hp is kinda poo.

Outside of that, its basically what I was planning on xD still 42 tho.

Good points which I have thought About and was not sure how they work. I was under the Impression that drone delivery only dropped a grenade to pick up instead of actually using one - if SNTL does use it, I am certainly using the Talent!
As to expensive jacket: I thought, despite futility belt changing the Damage type to non elemental, I the Status effects were still applied. If that is not the case thats a good Point to take out and max out brain Freeze.
With violent violence you mean violent Speed I guess? In that case, yes, I´ve been thinking off changing that today aswell. Maybe praemunitus but probably not… they are certainly flex points. You could even put them into refreshment but I haven´t found that to be necessary so far.

The fire rate buff, violent violence. Raises fire rate by 10% on kill. Yeah it drops ur active grenade so it is likely your biggest dps increase for one point to just allow the use of a grenade.

Ah completely missed it, can´t remember the skill names^^ Yea seems like a good choice to me too - are you also sure about expensive jacket? I would really not want to waste a Point if it was useless.

I’m not 100% about that skill. Would need tested.

This is what I’m gonna run with. Basically the same with 2 pts left over, likely in violent speed. Inly 1pt in best served cold for the chill in aoe to prep targets for freeze, could be better to max that over hp regen.

Or this

With the kill skill mod and a fancy shield of some mind yet to be determined. Mod let’s u freeze more because of status chance and more dmg cause crit dmg.

I thought about your suggestions and I like them: I took the points out of Donnybrook and moved them to violent violence. I´m gonna try out skipping Jacket but will only update that once I´m sure.

I don´t think any additional Freeze is needed, it is crazy as it is. I´m nearing the end of my TVHM Mayhem 3 Story playthrough and am freezing left and Right.

Thanks for the Feedback, appreciated :slight_smile: