[Build] Zane "Sustain and Mayhem" New meta for Zane!

Digi Clone/Barrier Build.
Mayhem 3/2 Approved.

“Build made by YouNeedChocolate”

“First a introduction on my build. This build is made with only passives in mind. Because off the way it’s designed you will never be left in the Dust when you can’t score a kill or when your skills are on cooldown.”

Items used.

You will never Run out off grenades to buff your clone again! On top of that some added sustain from your clone on a succesfull grenade hit!

8% movement speed to buff out Gun damage on violent momentum. Aswell slide speed to keep you out off any sticky situations.

This mod adds weapon damage the lower the shield is the better up to 25% - 35% , aswell increased movement speed 20% this stacks damage aswell by use off violent momentum.

As mentioned this shield combo’s well with the Legendary class mod “Bashing Spirited Infiltrator” The Annoited give’s you added sustain for whenever your skills go on cooldown" with the added 4% health regeneration With rise off the occation maxed out You gain up to 9% Passive health regeneration.

Up to 25% Added Gun damage aswell when shield is completely depleted!

Skills used.

Violent momentum passively up to 34% Weapon damage generated by walking around!

Maxed out clone skill tree , Shield recharge on swapping with the digi clone. You would think this negates the purpose off the build since my shield always need to be depleted to max out gun damage! Well my friend your wrong and i will explain more off it in the next skill tree.

Confident competate A skill specially used and needed in this build. You see the class mod gives up to 35% weapon damage based on how low my shield is confident competent on the other hand does it the other way around. the thing is no matter how low or high my shield is they both balance out weapon damage giving me 35% weapon damage most off the time when the shield capacity is below 65%.

And let’s be honest in a fight your shield won’t ever stay at full capacity at all time’s.

Thanks for Inspecting my build!

Have a great day!


:smiley: it is a solid post and idea but meta? cmon mate.


I am really sorry to hear that. In my opinion the hitman skill tree is overrated.

On top off that you have no sustain in that tree outside off salvation.

Violent speed overextends a decent cap. Making it in my opinion to much also movement speed does not stack that well making it a bit useless it also has a soft cap above 40% the extra movement speed stacked on zane is unnoticeable.

Playing dirty is only for certain weapons aswell. Making it useless for any automatic guns used.

Violent violence on the other hand only goes up to 20% fire rate with mods up to 32% but Dps wise it’s a small leap.

On top off that they are all kill skills. Forcing you to put a point in seein red so you don’t go handicapped in a fight.

This build negates all that and on top off that is better DPS wise with added sustain.

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that is why borderlands is great, i am not here to discourage you from what you pieced together, on the contrary i like seeing viable zane builds instead of bitching and crying about how he can not one shot a boss. all i said is that this is not exactly a meta. but i guess it is just there for click baits.

playing either dps or burst dmg is also a choice however i will beg to differ about your words on salvation, it basically makes you immortal and your nade of choice is in corrosive which is the most unfavourable element by the game since there are barely any armored enemies and shield and flash resist the element, which makes up the most of the game. again not here to argue, congrats on the build, if you want to see how competitive it is perhaps we can jump into the game together if you live in europe. other than that keep being inZANE.

i have a question tho, how do you know the damage numbers from class mod?

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Well I think it’s weird that you don’t decide on wanting to have your shield empty or full. But you reminded me of the melee facepuncher build I wanted to make with Zane.

Btw can someone test the facepuncher on zanes clone? Does he even have melee dmg numbers the facepuncher could use?

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Did some testing without using any skills. It’s somewhere between 25% and 35% need to do some exact math to get a clearer picture.

Anyways thanks for the constructive critism. The nade is mostly for the annoited perk. Besides the base damage still heals for quite a bit. :wink:

now would not it be nice if they actually told us what the damn class mod does in numbers ha? :smiley:

In mayhem 3 running around with 8k health all the time is a death sentence with how squishy zane is. It also makes it so how low or high your health and shields are you do almost a equal amout of damage. When the skills are on cooldown and you have no shield or digi-clone active you will still do a ton of damage without them being active.

Indeed i get dizzy with all those number atleast it does not scale to the damage numbers off borderlands 2 :slight_smile:

I don’t think it is, it has the most useful Capstone and the skill with the highest extra damage (Playing Dirty, up to 100% multiplicative damage). You could put every single point in Hitman, run with a no point shield and clone, and might still do more damage than most Shield/Clone builds (and it’s much easier to get good high hitting weapons than to get those freeze weapons, most shotguns and Jakobs pistols will do).

The biggest mistake people make is to go for movement speed. Put 5 points in Violent Momentum and get 20%-25% extra damage while moving. Violent Speed just effects the Moments modifier (25% movement speed would add 25% to Moments 20%, making it 25%; Death follows Close should make it 26.25%, with 10 in Violent Moment 25% runspeed would equal 12.5% more damage). So if you’re after damage, Donnybrook is much better for 5 skill points.

Due to this I’d also argue that Executor is in most cases preferrable to Infiltrator. Infiltrator does 20% extra damage (additive) and adds 15 (maybe 10) runspeed. Shields can have similar runspeed and Executor adds among other things Crit Dam and buffs a stronger skill and you can actually use the damage buff, recharge delay and cooldown reduce from Under Cover, which are all completely useless with Infiltrator. An Infiltrator build may come close to the damage of an Executor build, but loses out on so much while not getting more damage or even noticable faster speed ( I got a +5 Violent Momentum one and it actually was a bit underwhelming).

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I guess his point here was to run hipfire dmg guns while running all the time like long musket or any other laser beam kind of guns that do dmg without ads like hellwalker. Also he said it is just his opinion but thanks for explaining. Don you have complete info on what skills are additive and what multi?

I did test Violent Momentum and Movement speed yesterday. Synchronicity, Violent Momentum, 20% from Infiltrator all were additive. I assume that most gun damage modifiers will be additive (Cold Bore and Nerves of Steel could be multiplicative). Barriers standard multiplier (25%) seems to be multiplicative, as does the gun damage multiplier from B3 badass ranks equivalent (or my calculations are wrong, which is a possibility as I was testing primarily the speed modifier which is unknown as well as the exact damage of a weapon; and I tested against an armored target).

I did confirm in distributed denial thread that barrier amp is multiplicative. What about class mod passive did not test but by the experience looks additive. Cold bore is only 1shot so even if multi it would barely matter. Unless for rerouter shenanigans.

Rocket Launcher build incoming? :smiley: (run Cold Bore, 3 launchers and the gun that reloads all others guns). With other weapons that have 4-6 shots it could actually be useful if it’s multiplative. At 5 shots per magazine it would be a 6% damage increase, which still would be better than Violent Speed (a build that forces constant weapon switching would be too much micro for me personally though).

Actually since some launchers can crit that is worth ■■■■■■■ around with xd

What weapon reloads all equipped weapons??

Also, I think Cold Bore has some potential mixed with one pump chumps and playing dirty.

One Pump Chump > One pump Chump > One Pump Chump > Flakker

Constantly fire and switch to next weapon. The One Pump has a chance to not need to reload. Throw in the Flakker in case you are getting swarmed. I have a One Pump with ~4500 damage x2 (with playing dirty) x 1.3 (cold bore). If you can consistently get crits and have the guardian rank skill Overkill… I think there might be some interesting potential there.

Base damage = 4500
Gun damage = 1+.4(synchronicity) +.2(violent momentum) +.19(donny brook) +.2(confident competence) = 1.99
playing dirty = x2
cold bore = x1.3
barrier = x1.25

If the damage formula works how I think then its:
4500 x 1.99 x 2 x 1.3 x 1.25 = 29,103 per body shot.

then you have crits, overkill damage and gun damage boosts from gear as well.

Now if you get mayhem 3 modifiers of -50% gun damage and -50% shotgun damage, you’ll be in trouble.

Is cold bore 1.3 tho? That is one skill I did not test if it is double pump could be the serious option. Shoot one switch to another rinse and repeat. If U confirm cold bore is multiplicative buff that is. We also dno what is playing dirty stack exactly is it considered a first shot like original bullet? Does amp apply to both projectiles on shield drain?

P.s. quad pump chump à

I have not tested cold bore personally, but I came across an interesting kill on Tyreen that uses the rerouter, cold bore, and the scourge rocket launcher to one-shot each portion of the fight. video and explanation. They say Cold Bore is multiplicative in the explanation and I imagine that it is true

Will test tmrow. Thanks for the Intel.

P.s.zane is ■■■■ and weak btw

Cold Bore and trick the light should be multiplicative, but additive to another.