[Build] Zane "Sustain and Mayhem" New meta for Zane!

i never go to trick of the light anyway. but cold bore +one pump chump swapping is what i will definitely do. hell maybe even monocle+one pump chump!

Trick of light is way to far up in the tree, but with some points in there from a cold warrior mod its really valuable especially in tvhm

Zane is definitely not squishy. Combine salvation and Donny brook with an anointed shield (regen 5% of max health) and you will tough as hell. I am running at 7k health on mayhem 3 /player coop. I can outheal tons of damage being in the middle of the fight. In general i do understand what you are trying to do with your build, but you are ignoring a lot of synergies etc. I only run 2 builds sentinel / shield (focused around cryo) or sentinel / clone (focus on having 100% kill kill uptime, grenades and speed). Soloing mayhem 3 is different, you can probably be a bit more experimental with your build. But overall we all agree zane needs some skill buffs…desperately.

Im always trying to create builds that are not a simple path that anyone can figure out on their own. Im not trying to extend my “Ego” but the builds you mentioned are self explanetory.

Ok i agree he’s a bit tougher. But saying he’s tough as hell and you can outheal tons off damage is a huge exaggeration.

I do agree a buff should be in place.

Yes he can outheal tons of damage…just Use the synergies. Of course you need to adjust the playstyle moving and constantly shooting. The amount of health he gets back is amazing. None of his builds are easy…that is one of his flaws. His builds are highly dependent on gear. To make him work in one way or the other you have to have very good rolls. And i am not talking about mayhem 3 solo…mayhem 3/ 4 player coop. But you are 100% correct, it is good that people like you looking for new ways/builds to play him. I am not giving up on him yet. But it has become tiresome .

Hey Guy, incrible your build