[Build] Zero Ammo Moze - explanation and gameplay

This build is based on rocket launchers. The original concept was based on Scourge + Some For The Road but since the lvl 57 update I’ve merged the original build with my Ion Cannon build and it is viable with any rocket launcher really.


  • Abuse Some for the Road.
  • Abuse Click. Click.
  • Abuse Topped Off.
  • Spam Rocket Launhcers - Stay at 0 ammo in mag as often as possible.
  • Kill stuff and have fun as always.


updated for 57

  • Scourge / ION Cannon / Ruby’s Wrath / Quickie - any launcher really.
  • With ION Cannons you want a base mag of 16 for best performance.
  • Blast Master with magsize bonus
  • Any shield with any anoint you prefer works.
  • Multi-hit tracker grenade. Not 100% needed but helps a lot. If you don’t have CMT there are plenty of good enough alternatives.
  • Artifact choice is not important you want +heavy/aoe/wpn dmg/mag size.
  • Mag size on Com/Artifact is very important for the ION Cannon.


  • Proc Some for the Road with Iron Bear enter/exit and use it to shoot Scourge with 0 ammo.
  • For ION Cannon it’s based more on Redistribution+Forge regen then it is SFTR.
  • Avoid damage as much as possible to remain at full shield and make use of Topped Off.
  • Large focus on positioning and enemy awareness in order to make better use of Scourge projectiles and to avoid taking damage as much as possible.
  • Great for Mobbing and Bossing alike. Viable in True Takedown as well.

Skill Tree

level 57 version - Arrange points in Demolition Woman based on your COM’s skill allocation.
Click Here

Original lvl 50 version.

Click Here


  • I’m not going to do a big write-up for this one about the skill choices and whatnot. If you want further detail I recommend watching the build video where I explain the skill choices and do gameplay in Slaughter Shaft.

Build explanation and gameplay demonstration:

The level 50 videos show many Trials runs.

Old Videos from lvl 50 version.

Build explanation and Slaughter Shaft run:

Trial of Survival:

Trial of Supremacy:

Trial of Instinct:

Trial of Fervor:

Trial of Discipline:

Trial of Cunning:


Oops knew I was forgetting something. Skill tree added to main post.

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I saw this video earlier today when you first uploaded it. Really like this kind of thing. It’s very unique, not the standard style of gameplay, more laid-back and yet still quite powerful.

Well done :+1:

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Build updated for level 57.

Did you ever try this build with a purple Vladof launcher with minirockets? I wonder how Click Click is calculated when your entire ammo reserve is your mag.

Yes I’ve done the same build with Mortar and Minirocket underbarrels. It will work well with any type of launcher. Really good with the Ruby’s Wrath and Quickies as well.

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I’ve still been rocking the ION Cannon variant of this build but how do you get Scourge to work with this? I tried it for a bit but seems invariably I’ll get rockets added to my clip (causing a reload and loss of BM buff).

Normally only really happens to me in Takedown. But there’s not much you can do about it. Happens with the ION’s too but since it consumes 6/7 ammo it’s easier for it to suck it right out of your backpack avoiding the reload. But when the reload happens I just deal with it luckily it’s already doing a lot of damage so it’s not such a huge deal.

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It should work the same regardless of reserve ammo. Starting at 0% of the bonus at full mag and ramping until the last bullet.

I don’t really get it with the ION because I can max out the active mag with an 18 mag ION and Matched Set bonus when I equip 4 IONs so there’s no room to pickup additional rocket ammo (well it does happen but it’s very rare and typically only when looting after combat). I’ll keep trying with the scourge though as it does seem to melt things. Thanks!

My revamp of the Torgue build )that I haven’t finished quite yet) uses zero ammo scourge. I actually recommend a Mindsweeper com for use with a scourge. It doesn’t reload often, but it will eventually. The other side to this is that the scourge takes better advantage of some for the road.

If you don’t need the damage from Blast Master, then what about looking at some non legendary COMs? Leminscate with 3 Click Click and 2 Matched Set would be ideal. Or Marksman with 1 Redistribution and 4 SRPM?

It’s a thought. I’m actually trying to design the build as being largely com-agnostic and so far it is. I could imagine that these purple examples would work quite well.

Any tips on how to properly use Ruby’s with this build?

I’m having a blast using Scourge once I figured out how to keep from ‘accidentally’ re-loading.

Great build btw, and thanks.

Ruby’s Wrath in my experience gets by good enough just with Forge/Redistribution and MOD no need to really proc SFTR. I normally use 125% incen version it tends to proc MOD very well.

So I was playing around and killing hoarder tinks along the way and finding more purple COMs. Low Life and Lemniscate are the best options. Click Click is going to be a stronger factor. At 9/5 SRPM, +15 Fire Rate from artifact, and +10.65 Fire Rate from GR couldn’t get me to shoot an additional rocket during Some for the Road. Scourge base rate was .73/s.

Lemniscate would give the best boost at 3 Click Click and 2 Matched Set. Low Life with Mag size will also work, but might not be as powerful. By increasing the mag size with rolls, Matched Set, or Iron Bank we can increase the missing amount from the mag. Basically meaning 1/8 mag is stronger than 1/6 mag. If you reload you are still getting the same consistent damage. Though it won’t be as strong as max buff Blast Master.

Also if you get a low life with 1 point in Desperate Measures and TRL you can also increase gun damage with out even going down the red tree.

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I reckon this might be the one.

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I got one of those last night. Same skills but different passives. I also got a low life with 2 click click, 2 DM, 1 TRL with mag bonus that out performs a 1 click click with 2 IB, 2 MS, and 51% heavy damage. Still on the hunt for 3 CC with 2 MS. I believe this will be superior.

I still also carry a Blast master though. Even if I reload the Blast master over takes my current COMs after maybe 20-30 seconds or so. It also lets me use other Torgue guns. My best Scourge has 100% damage ASE so I just in IB all the time. I don’t feel the effects of accidentally reloading.

That marksman outperforms my blastmaster. It’s comparable to my Mindsweeper with a splash roll.
I run blue green dual capstone.

I actually only miss the Mindsweeper lifesteal.

Also, my new favourite technique is to spam SFTR scourge rockets, then jump into IB and follow up with a flurry of Vanquisher/target softening. It’s brutal. Feels less cheesy than a crit swap.

I also run a blue/green capstone build. What weapons does it out perform? I know you wanted a more “generic” build. When I tested I just used a Scourge on Kevin and looked at the side rocket damage. A BL with neutral rolls was weaker until about 30 seconds in. If I reload all the time then BL is pointless. But I also have a BL with splash damage and a BL with weapon damage and those take less time to pass the purple. I haven’t used my other guns yet with the purple COMs.