[Build] Zero Ammo Moze - explanation and gameplay

As I mentioned in my ION topic. I do love making builds around themes and/or weapons. You’ve all heard about Bottomless Mags Moze, but what about Bottomed out Moze?

This is a for-fun build. Not meant to be ultra-efficient or meta or any other category like that. Just a build that is fun and works to take on content on M4.


  • Abuse Some for the Road.
  • Abuse Click. Click.
  • Abuse Topped Off.
  • Spam Scourge.
  • Stay at 0 ammo in mag as often as possible.
  • Kill stuff and have fun as always.


  • Scourge Rocket Launcher
  • Blast Master with at least +2 Vampyr.
  • Any shield you prefer works. I prefer Re-charger. A Big Boom Blaster would make it easier to play.
  • Multi-hit tracker grenade. Not 100% needed but helps a lot. If you don’t have CMT there are plenty of good enough alternatives. I personally use a ‘Cloning Recurring Tracker’.
  • Artifact choice is not important you want +heavy/aoe/splash/wpn dmg.


  • Proc Some for the Road with Iron Bear enter/exit and use it to shoot Scourge with 0 ammo.
  • Avoid damage as much as possible to remain at full shield and make use of Topped Off.
  • Large focus on positioning and enemy awareness in order to make better use of Scourge projectiles and to avoid taking damage as much as possible.

Skill Tree

Click Here


  • I’m not going to do a big write-up for this one about the skill choices and whatnot. If you want further detail I recommend watching the first video below where I explain the skill choices and do a run of the Slaughter Shaft. I will also be linking a video of completing each Trial on M4 with the build.

Build explanation and Slaughter Shaft run:

Trial of Survival:

Trial of Supremacy:

Trial of Instinct:

Trial of Fervor:

Trial of Discipline:

Trial of Cunning:


Oops knew I was forgetting something. Skill tree added to main post.

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I saw this video earlier today when you first uploaded it. Really like this kind of thing. It’s very unique, not the standard style of gameplay, more laid-back and yet still quite powerful.

Well done :+1:

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