Buildables die too fast

reduce the cost or buff their survivability, takes mere seconds to kill any kind of buildable. The difference between level 1 and 3 is 1 or 2 extra hits. Its a joke.

a lot of them are in bad angles where ranged bborn pick them off with impunity without any fear of return fire

why even have buildables if you’re gonna make them suck so badly, why have gear that is based off buildables when they are so worthless?



I’ve noticed this as well, post patch.

That extra 15 percent damage Attackers get to all things non Battleborn means buildables, even fully upgraded OFFENSIVE TURRETS, fall in a matter of seconds.

/cough\ minecraft kid

Buildables other than the fat minions always felt a touch underpowered as it is. Just saying.


You could always use the… hahah… H3NCHm-- hahahah, sorry, the H3NC-BWAHAHAHHHAAHAHAH

The Capacitor’s measly 300 max shield buff is laughable, frankly. Maybe like 166 per level, up to 500 instead?


I agree. I think buildables should get a HUGE buff to their survival AND damage. This will make them a priority to not only buy when available, but destroy when trying to push into enemy territory.

I also want the “Builder” archetype to emerge. Those Legendary Wrenches are kinda trash since buildables aren’t worth much for now.


Sometimes I still run builder on El Dragon and Attikus. Shard gen, wrench (usually 0 cost) and a regen.

It can defintely help out early game especially since you can have a fat bot running in with your first wave but you suffer in the late game. Also I don’t think it’s as effective against skilled and coordinated teams because they’re able to focus them down so quickly. In fact, I would go so far as to say that builders serve only to feed the enemy team in matches of high skill. So I don’t run it nearly as much now. But it’s still good for toons that are really late game and have good mobility

Here is a fix. Make it so that all buildables would reflect a portion of damage dealt to them. Then you would think twice if you want to attack buildables or save your hp for other encounters (battleborns or minion bots).

Or just make them 50-100% more beefier, that would help too. (Only Elite bot is in a good place I think)

How about we take a look at the Legendary Wrenches and give our thoughts on how to fix them? 'Cause that’s what I want to do.

Lowlidev link to legendary wrench page:,t=BuildCost

Sentinel Reset Switch:
Its secondary stat of shards-per-second is very useful, but its effect is just poop. “Your shielded Tier 3 buildables gain 42 shield recharge per second.” This is pretty crap. They HAVE to be Tier 3? I mean, once those shields go down, they probably won’t go back up. I think this effect needs to come with -2.5 shield recharge delay, AND not be limited to Tier 3. Either that or complete replacement of effect and move the shield recharge effect to H3NCHM4N’s Capacitor. Speaking of which…

H3NCHM4N’s Capacitor:
Okay, either we give the 42 shield recharge per sec to this, or we increase the shield gain with each level to 175 or 166, making it 525 or 500 max shield strength total. Also change the secondary stat to DR rather than shield pen, since 10% shield pen is useless and DR falls more in line with the “beefy” style of the Capacitor. You could have max shield as a secondary stat, but secondary shield strength isn’t a UPR thing…

Seamless Upcycler:
I haven’t gotten hold of this, but I think pushing that 42% up to 45% can’t hurt…

Finiscian Wrench:
Pretty much perfect. No change necessary.

Arcship Raider’s Wrench:
Also decent, even if it’s only for Ops.

Sustainment Well:
Hm, a toughie. They could leave it as is, or make it so that Accelerators you build also provide an extra 5% movespeed boost, alongside the regular supply station buff. Secondary stat is fine.

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really can’t have gameplay depend on legendaries in pvp due to most games that are too short to gather enough shards

by the time you unlock all 3 of your gears, most of the match is over (if not already) and you were barely able to make any buildables

the buildables need base buffs to survivability, level 2 & 3 are pretty worthless but cost redonk amounts of shards

heck I also wish they would speed up shard collection by 2x or 3x in pvp to fix this issue

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