Building a capital ships mod

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So I got it into my head to make a fleet battles-style mod for myself, the inspiration being something like Starcraft 2 in space, but with starships. So far, what I’ve done is read through some how-tos which have left me more confused than anything else… but I have also collected all the ships and models I want to try and use from various mods. I have figured out build costs and build times by looking in the .ship file… but how the heck do I get them ingame and actually useable? And then there’s research. What’s the trick to remove research restriction on a given ship? Haven’t seen anything jump out at me. Heh… so far, my so-called mod consists of the ‘ship’ folder, with all the ships I’ve amassed.

And before anyone jumps on the ban-wagon and crawls up my butt, I don’t intend to share this without first clearing it with the people who actually made the ships and units first.

(Taiidan Republic Mod) #2

For each ship, you need

  • the .HOD file (model, textures and joints)
  • the .ship file (parameters)
  • the .events file (FX/animations)

Some ships also have .MAD and .madstate files to control mesh animations.

As for the building and research part, have you looked at this? It might help you to work out what you need to do:

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(Its4stardust) #3

Thanks Dom, that looks quite useful, will try and see how far I get and post questions/issues I may run into.

(Rufus Shinra) #4

If the ships have non-vanilla weapons, turrets and modules, then you might need a few other folders too. The Weapons folder, of course, which can then call the wf (weaponfire) folder if the modded weapons use some different weaponfire script, as well as new art and fx. The Missile folder can be called by weapons using non-vanilla missiles and mines. Then you have potentially the Subsystem folder that can be called by non-vanilla subsystems and turrets, which themselves could have other weaponry. The part about research, building and stuff, see Dom’s link.

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