Building a Mayan Cataclysm

Question for folks. Given:

  • Normal mode
  • Cataclysm build
  • Early half of game, so no assumptions about relic or class mod
  • Will probably respec for TVHM

Then, which would you choose on your way up the cataclysm tree?

  • 5/5 in Flicker
  • 5/5 in Foresight
  • Split the difference

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Also interested in hearing your reasons! Remember, this is while levelling in NORMAL mode, and you shouldn’t make any assumption about having a specific relic or class mod.

That early in the game, one does not really need to lean on elemental damage enhancement, where higher reload speed and magazine size never go out of fashion (especially since you probably don’t have points in Inertia yet, nor have a COM that really helps with those either).


Bigger mag, better pain! :acmbadass:

Also… what @Adabiviak said.

Flicker doesn’t really do much outside of get you further down the tree to get the capstone either. The bonus to chance isn’t really all that much, and really not needed in NVHM since you don’t need slag to wreck things… Compared to Foresight for going down the tree, Foresight hands down. Such a good skill.

What they said. Flicker isn’t worth it even in TVHM and UVHM, while Foresight is always useful.

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Much appreciated all! IIRC the verdict on Helios vs. Immolate was that Helios still sucked, so Immolate even though the (in)famous glitch was patched out? My only reservation for NVHM is that I intend on not going into FFYL at all (good intentions and all that notwithstanding.)

Helios isn’t bad in NVHM, but immolate (glitch fixed or not) is one helluva powerful FFYL skill.

You can still activate the glitch, but atm I can’t exactly remember how it was done.

Helios works just fine in NVHM. Immolate is crazy powerful in FFYL. The thing is, however… You don’t really need it in NVHM. I’m assuming that you’ve made up your mind on going down the C-tree first. If that’s the case, I think Helios will serve you better initially. If you’re just looking for a good starting build, then I’d suggest that you pick one of the other trees first. The Harmony tree offers both between healing and damage initially, and the Motion tree will keep the enemies off you.

I was looking to try something different this time around. I’ve played through focussing on each of the other trees first, but I’ve never tried a cataclysmic NVHM play-though before. Only at level 8 so far, and I did stick my first points elsewhere to get off the mark, but the next few are going cataclysm for sure.

While Cataclysm is a great tree I would hold off on going near it until near the end of TVHM where you will more than likely want to respec into it and nab Ruin for guaranteed slag. The other two trees offer more utility than damage which is not a bad thing since everything dies fairly quickly in the first two difficulties (rabids do not surpass their badass siblings until UVHM) and slag does not last long below UVHM on enemies to begin with.

It’s either or with Motion and Harmony as both offer survival in either shields (Motion) or health regeneration (Harmony) and augment Phaselock in ways that make killing non-boss enemies easy. Cataclysm is more of an end-game skill tree what with the skills it offers.

If you do want to go down Cataclysm I advise Foresight -> Immolate -> Cloud Kill -> Chain Reaction -> four points in Helios -> Reaper -> Ruin.


:smiley: Yeah, I thought that was the case. A Blurred Trickster COM will be your best option for this, but you could also try a Scorched Banshee COM, and slap some points in Backdraft. Just for fun! If you find a shield with really short delay, it can be quite effective in NVHM.

I second this

If you ever wanted to use Helios and see it actually roast enemies to death, Normal mode is your best bet… beyond that, well, I still like it even in the OP levels, but the returns definitely diminish such that the points may be better spent elsewhere. A fresh tour through Normal mode lets you play with skills that otherwise get very soft later in the game (like Recompense, for example).

Also… I’m curious to see how Blight Phoenix stands up in Normal mode given its recent buffs. I mean, at best you’ll be level 25 before you can max it out, but it ought to be fairly lethal at that point.

I’m late but I’d go 5/5 foresight. In nvhm There’s no need for flicker. Note I voted for the spilt before I read the whole post.

No problems. I’ve closed the poll since this thread is probably done, but the results seem pretty clear! I’m looking forward to seeing how the post-buff skills work at lower levels, so I will probably come back later with a report (or two).