Building around homing

Ok. I love homing shots and when I have an ally healer I often go damage Reyna.

How would you build it? What gear?

I take left at 2 and right at 5. Explosive Blast at 3?

Tips anyone?

Explosive plasma is useful if you intend to take down overshielded waves. It does nothing for single-target attacks. Since you’re taking no overheat, you’ll want the flat pistol buff at level 3. Definitely the plasma damage buff later on (although you should always be picking that anyways, the alternative is garbage)

Indeed explosive is for waveclear. It seems most people must contribute with the current incursion minions.

I’ve noticed shooting homing plasmas straight up often result in crits.

Last time i tested attack speed/power did nothing but Ernest egg when is not bugged increase its attack speed.

I dont know if there is a way to buff plasma pulse at all.

Does skill damage affect It?

Make sure to take her priority target reset mutation!