Building Characters: Typhon DeLeon Q&A - Give us your questions!

Borderlands 3 co-writer Danny Homan shares the story of how Typhon DeLeon became such a pivotal character in Borderlands lore. You can read about The First Vault Hunter on (STORY SPOILER HEAVY).

Warning: There are spoilers in the link, and this thread. Please think of others and use the spoiler formatting when asking story-related questions!

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Regardless of where you are in the game, we want to know: What questions do you still have about Typhon DeLeon and his creation?

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Nice! I love reading deeper into lore and Typhon is definitely a character that I want to know more about. I’ll certainly be checking out that Q&A.

Also, I didn’t know that Calypso was the twins’ mother’s surname. I always just assumed it was something like a streamer name that they came up with for themselves. I’m now curious if I missed that in the actual game on an ECHO log somewhere.

I really can’t help but feel like I keep going on about them, buuuttt I’d like to know more about the Calypsos please. Especially more about their backstory. Like what happened between them leaving Nekrotefeyo and the events of the game.


so i’d like to know more of Typhon’s background. I noticed a few yiddish words he used and want to know more of his upbringing other than turd farmer family. if he were a playable vault hunter, what would his skill tree look like?

aside from Typhon, I’d like to know more about Maurice. What brings him to be able to speak and sound like Megatron from the 90s Beast Wars.


I’m trying to figure out how to word this question correctly and respectfully. Here goes:

What made you feel that Typhon was a character who was necessary to the overarching story of the series? One of my biggest criticisms of the story of Borderlands 3 is that Typhon’s background as “The First Vault Hunter” doesn’t seem to fit with what we knew about the Vaults. In Borderlands 1 it’s a mystery as to whether the Vaults even exist. Helena Pierce says the Vault is a myth, but Tannis is finding more and more evidence and the Vault Key pieces are eventually found scattered and held by bandits.

Maybe Atlas was hiding the source of the Eridian tech? But in Borderlands 3 there are pylons scattered all around the galaxy that give the story of Typhon and Atlas opening the first Vault on Promethea. Tannis knows Typhon and is a huge fan of him. Did most people just not take the accounts seriously, even though they were funded by some sort of historical education group?

Maybe the most succinct way to ask this is this:

Reading the article, I understand the arcs you were going for for these characters. But why do you feel that Typhon and the twins needed the overarching lore of the Vaults to be tweaked or retconned the way it was to make their character arcs work?


Why Typhon, why introduce a completely new, never heard before in the other games, character for the main plot of BL3? Dont get me wrong, I enjoy his character and background and he fits the borderlands lore perfectly, it just seems strange no one in BL1,BL2, Tftb and pre sequel never mentioned him.


So as far as questions:

  1. How did his family farm turds? Did they tend to a rakk hive and just have an ample supply lying around? It’s not like they just grow on Pandora right?
  2. How are vault monsters supposed to work? He opened the vault on Promethea for Atlas - yet didn’t kill the monster? The reason we didn’t have to fight one on Nekrotafeyo was because they already killed it right? So why was there one he left behind on Promethea? Did they ever kill that vault monster to begin with - and if so would we get the chance to fight the one from Nekrotafeyo ?
  3. It was obvious on arrival that Maliwan had been rooting around on Nekrotafeyo a while - so why didn’t he stowaway or hijack a ship to stop his kids himself? Why stay there and hide?
  4. If he has been missing for decades, and Tannis is such a big fan of his, why hasn’t she retained any of his logs for herself? Shouldn’t there be maybe 1 or 2 on Sanctuary in her room for us to discover? Perhaps a side quest to put them where she stole them from to respect his memory - now that she met him? (just saying would be a great way to see how Fyrestone aged).

I would love to hear more about the VH from BL2, but since you asked about characters from BL3 then I guess more information on Lorelei? How exactly did a cranky barista turn into the front line leader of a military group? Why would they put a civilian into battle with no armor? Her back story makes it amusing, but was that all there is to the character?


The article is fantastic! Thank you for telling us a little more about Typhon and why you felt that his story was so compelling.

Regarding Typhon, I would like to understand his motivations a little bit more clearly. Specifically, at what point did he become aware of everything that Troy and Tyreen did between the time that they escaped Nekrotafeyo and the time that the VHs show up on Nekrotafeyo? Did he know about everything as it was happening? The game implies that he is aware of everything that Troy and Tyreen did during that period, because Typhon tells the VHs, in a conversation on Nekrotafeyo, that he knows Troy had became “a monster” and needed to be killed/stopped.

Further, if Typhon knew what Troy and Tyreen were trying to do after they left Nekrotafeyo, and specifically that they would try to open all of the vaults he had opened in accordance with the stories he told them, why didn’t he try to stop them or, if he believed that he, as their father, would be incapable of doing what it would take to stop them (i.e., kill them), why didn’t he at least get someone to help him try to stop them?

Regarding other events/characters from the Borderlands universe, from a BL3 story perspective, what motivated the writers’ decision not to address the appearance and actions, in the events of TPS, of the Eridian being that fans have dubbed “The Watcher”? Where did The Watcher go after it saved Athena from Lilith? Why is The Watcher no longer with Lilith, Brick, and Mordecai? And why isn’t it helping us during the events of BL3?

I have lots of other questions as well, but the answers to the questions above would help shed light on a lot of them. Thanks for the opportunity to ask these questions.


As far as your second question - he and Leda crash landed, I assume when Troy and Tyreen left (since they obviously informed Maliwan of the location) it was only by repairing and taking the single space craft that would’ve been on the planet. So until Maliwan arrived all he could do was know because he was stranded. Question I asked was after Maliwan arrived why didn’t he leave - and I’m hoping to get information on why he felt Maliwan being at the empty vault was a greater threat to stop.
Edit - also being that Tyreen had been to Nekrotafeyo, perhaps other echo devices couldn’t connect to the one on the planet yet? Perhaps he feared recruiting help because keeping the planet a secret was too important and he thought his stories were vague enough they had no chance of completing their quest?

I wanna know your other questions too so if you get the time please post them =)

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I actually didn’t ask the question about why Typhon didn’t leave when Maliwan showed up because you already asked it - I have that same question. There seems to be a high likelihood that Typhon knew or should have known that Tyreen and Troy intended to release the Destroyer and absorb its powers, which presumably would lead to the eventual, honest-to-god destruction of the universe. I have children, and if I knew with certainty ahead of time that my children intended to destroy all creation, and were in fact actually capable of doing so (which Troy and Tyreen clearly are), I don’t think I would have to think twice about what I would do. At the very least, I would enlist someone’s help to stop them, even though I likely would not be able to do the deed myself. This is sort of like the hypothetical question of Hitler’s parents - if they knew his future, would they have tried to stop him?

Some of my other questions would be (and some of them I didn’t ask simply because I didn’t want to be “that guy” who asks too many questions, but since you asked, I will list them):

How did Leda learn to speak/read Eridian? No one in the VH group or anywhere else seems to be able to speak or read Eridian until we find that Eridian translator in the Vault. Was Leda a siren? Seems like Typhon would have mentioned something about that if she was.

How do ECHO devices work? If Typhon had an ECHO device and could communicate with Troy and Tyreen the whole time after they escaped, why didn’t he use it to contact someone else for help?

If Typhon was being updated over the ECHOnet by Troy and Tyreen regarding their universe-conquering exploits, I bet they were taunting him about it. I would have liked to find those ECHO logs. I bet they would have made Troy and Tyreen look like really big jerks and could have made them more compelling.

Why did the writers choose not to further explore the rift between Troy and Tyreen? I was pretty sure they were going somewhere with that whole thing, and then it just fizzled out. I believe that potential story arc could have been really compelling. Why did the writers choose not to explore that further?

I have lots of questions about sirens, just like I think everyone does? How are siren powers passed down along their “thread?” How does Maya “know” that Ava is going to receive her powers? Did she somehow “choose” Ava? If so, why Ava? If Maya herself didn’t choose Ava, why was Ava chosen and what (or who) chose her? When did Tannis become a siren? Did she become a siren immediately after Angel died? Did Angel “choose” her? If so, why? And again, if not, who or what chose Tannis?

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I don’t think Leda could have been a siren, it’s said that Tyreen caused her death (which I would love to know more regarding) but it couldn’t have been when the powers were transferred to her after birth or else there’s no explanation for Troy getting them. Also if she was the previous host for Tyreen’s power she would’ve held back giving them to her until she was mature enough to handle that responsibility I would hope - she was a genius. As for her knowledge about eridian writing, great question I hope they choose to explain it.

I really hope that echo devices have to be tuned to each other (like we have to acquire a username or phone number) in order to communicate. That however, doesn’t explain why after learning that the calypso’s hacked into ours we never stopped discussing sensitive information like the machine over them… Or for that matter got Tannis to do her power and change that part of the situation. Echos are going to be tricky to elaborate on without creating interesting plot holes imo…

I would love for more development on Troy as well - Tyreen and Ava are very similar so following Ava may reveal more about Tyreen, but I really feel Troy was lacking development and there doesn’t seem to be much hope at getting more story on him now.

And I’m looking forward to more information on Sirens too. I have ideas of cool ways the story could move forward lol - but no real talking points because they’ve really just existed until now. Maybe they’ll go into detail on sirens as a whole soon too.

I wouldn’t feel bad about having questions, besides discussing things is a lot of fun and through discussion we might find out something one of us saw/considered in a new light.

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I wanted to know more about Leda. In the beginning when lilith fought tyreen & troy. She was surprised to see Troy’s tattoos, in which he replied it runs in the family, I was wondering if he was referring to tyreen or that their mother might have been a siren as well?

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You should talk about Nyriad next, I am sure a lot of people did not read the eridian writings and thus
are not aware of important lore points like how Tyreen ended up inheriting Nyriad’s leech power


Can we get a page on each vault hunter present and past? (this will hopefully clear a lot of confusion and will help keep consistency in the story line)


We need more background info on Handsome Jack’s wife…

There are portraits depicting a younger Jack with his pregnant wife, however her face is scarred in the portrait, for some reason… The only reason why you’d want to hide a character’s face like that and create a bit of mystery over a certain character, is if she is someone we already know, but you’re planning to introduce/reveal them later, however we all know his wife has been dead for ages, so I don’t understand why make her character a total mystery, since there’s no way she could be a character that we’ve met before?

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I love Amara and her sinewy lady muscles, but based on the few lines she has in-game, personality-wise she’s a stale day-old hotdog without relish. And she likes challenging fights I guess.

I’d like a mission or DLC or a 10 hour interview on what she’s all about. :kissing:


I’m glad somebody else said it. She has all the personality of a wet dish towel. Also, kinda boring to play. Phasegrasp…shoot once…five enemies die. Repeat. Least favorite VH by far.

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My question revolves around Typhons implementation.

  1. Did you guys considers having a voice actor who sounded more like Pierce Brosnan do the Typhon logs with just the stylized T as the echo cast icon?

This would have made the final reveal of Typhon himself a bit of a shock and made Tannis’ swooning over him somewhat more genuine. After all, she would have been enthralled by the man at that point, not the myth.

After all, we would have had this perception of him as a Indiana Jones type, only for the reality to be somewhat more Danny Devito.

“You were expecting someone less handsome?”

  1. Was a Typhon Brand ever considered for Artifacts? I see weird combinations of legendary artifacts and it makes me wonder if that might have been the case at some point.

Anyways, he’s a fun character and it’s a fun game :slight_smile:

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Was Typhon DeLeon, or his now-deceased wife, a Nymphomaniac? They seem to have been banging every chance they got all over the galaxies.

I’d personally would like a deep-dive look into Fl4k or Tannis.


I chuckled at your description, but I have a feeling Amara ain’t into hotdogs. Maybe she is more like a taco without any salsa, or a chapati without chutney, if you want to align the food with her perceived ethnicity :laughing:. Lorelei on the other hand could work with a hotdog analogy, but she is best expressed in terms of coffee. :wink:

There are two vaults on Promethea. Rhys discoveres the second one when rebuilding Atlas but tells no one about it. Because bad things happen when word about a vault gets out.

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