Building Characters: Typhon DeLeon Q&A - Give us your questions!

Please tell me we got that lock of hair for Tannis and she clones him! The game needs more Typhon

After Tannis lays down the law, we should have found echo logs between Ava and Lilith, it’s obvious they talked and Ava needs that development badly. We also needed more Troy and Tyreen friction once he got more power, the sniping and one upsmanship was delightful—again echo logs.

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Amaras personality is a tostito chip without sauce.

Yeah, why couldn’t you have picked a different voice actor?

Soo are there any news about when the Q&A will be?


Tina, Brick, Mordecai as they were so pivotal before and are barely in it plus I still have yet to find a Brick mission where he has a Sax. And as annoying as Ava is she needs more fleshing out to help us cope with the ending being what it is.

We got some Echos from Krieg which were cool but Id also like to see some filler for the others.

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I was wondering this as well and have checked this thread several times for an update. @Noelle_GBX, are there any plans for the writers of BL3 to give us any additional insight into BL3’s lore/characters via the blog posts like they did with Typhon? I thought this was really interesting and fun, and having the writers respond to player community questions is a really unique community interaction that is not undertaken by many writers/developers. Well worth the time spent IMO.


Q&A is up now:

They didn’t answer the question from this thread that had the most likes (cough cough) but it looks like they tried to clear up some of the confusion people had about BL3’s plot on its own.


I know I’m a teeny bit late but. On nekrotafeyo Typhon talked about killing the volt monster, and the die and spawn back in sometimes the machine says “you will always respawn, unless you die in a cutscene” so does that mean there’s a clip of typhon killing the volt monster?