Building WF for different modes

(Dliebman100) #1

How are you guys setting up WF for different game modes? Incursion: is it better to build Whiskey with low cost gear to buff his early game?

Are you using his lore legendary or prefer a different one?

I’ve been playing around with building around reload speed stacks or attack damage. What’s your guy’s input?

(Easplund) #2

His legendary is perhaps the best in the entire game. It makes him awesome. I use a zero cost shard generator so that I can get it going as soon as possible. Then I use some perfect purple boots with recoil reduction. I use this for all of the PvP modes. For the missions, I use either the Pacifier or a perfect purple attack speed/critical damage instead of the shard generator.

(Ambra's Arbiter) #3

With all reload gear and items he can e load instantly which is a fun surprise for enemies. Helps keep the pressure on. I build him for attack speed with health, rare reload, and mini singularity launcher. Some damage, some cc, some health, some regen, recoil, double reload, etc

(Chigurh462) #4

His legendary is a must. Then anything recoil reduction or reload speed. I use his legendary, a white attack speed, and a green shield pen. It’s been working ok. But yeah his legendary is absolutely essential.