Builds for 50 without specific items?

I hit 50 and I’m looking for some builds that don’t require specific legendaries. I have a few notable ones (conference call, flakker, scourge, hive, cutsman, carrier, hex) but not enough to put together the finished builds here.

I ran a SoR/BM build while leveling abusing the carrier, but I’m thinking I should switch to an explosive build with the flakker.

The big cornerstones of Mozes builds are gonna be items like the Bloodletter Com and Deathless relic. You can also farm Vending Machines for Tracker grenades with cloning/mirv/bounce as they can be a great boost. Flakker is a great gun but it works best with a Sor/DW focused build. If you want to stick to SoR/BM look for any high mag high firerate guns. Some other things to look out for are a flaming Scourge, Unforgiven, Westergun, Lyuda.

Keep an eye out for blue and purple Torgue alien barrel guns (protuberance, blister, lump) and the Hyperion alien barrel shotgun (host). Blue and purple Quickies (Torgue rocket launcher) synergies well with On for the Road.

I’m also partial to the blue/purple cost effective (double shot) Q system (Atlas AR) as it does twice the damage of the carrier — just make sure you get a version with the tracker darts so you are always hitting those sweet crits.

Blue and purple Jakobs mashers are also really strong, even strong than the Maggie in some cases.

The guy asks for a build that doesn’t require specific items. Both of you do nothing but list specific items. :confused:

Fair enough. Here is a generic splash damage build with some ammo regeneration and survivability skills. You will get the most out of this if you use Torgue weapons and grenades that explode multiple times.

This is a straight ammo regen build. You can further supplement it with gear that has gives an extra skill point into redistribution or that has the ‘regen ammo while terrified’ anointed effect.

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