Builds without demo woman

Is this tree mandatory for most builds? I feel like if I tried to make a build without going into splash, the damage would drastically fall off. I want to make a purple - green build when it comes out, but I have a feeling it just won’t work well. Not well enough for a takedown anyway.

The thing is not even Splash itself, but Short Fuse.
Seems like Moze damage output is based around it, but you can still build without it - like in Mind Sweeper setups.

IC is going to allow grenade builds too, so one more option. Piloting setups also dont really need Short Fuse.

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far as I can tell, the blue tree is completely necessary. My initial spec was green red and that got me through the base game but as soon as I started mayhem I couldn’t kill anything which made me die more often as well.

The only thing that fixed it for me was going full blue and switching to mindsweeper.

That’s part of my issue with the way the new skill trees are being rolled out, every character has at least 1 tree necessary for damage and another tree necessary for survival.

So there’s not much room to move things around without running into the exact type of issue you’re having now.

I think we are exaggerating just a wee bit here. It’s definitely not the strongest most meta way to build Moze but it certainly is viable. Even pure red/green which doesn’t really make sense since we get so many points you can take everything good from both trees and still have some left for blue.

So I put together a build real quick to demonstrate with some common Moze weapons. This first clip is pure red/green, had to put some points in skills I didn’t really need just to avoid having any blue. No it’s not going to one shot everything but you can certainly kill stuff, stay alive, and clear content.

Here is pretty much the same build but just putting 11 points that weren’t really needed in those trees to grab FITSD and Autobear making it actually quite a strong build. This demonstrates Short Fuse is absolutely not a required skill for Moze.

Doing a purple/green or purple/red is definitely going to be viable imo. Don’t forget flare will be an option as well as ASA anoints and you will have Iron Cub in the mix(which we quite don’t know how strong it will be yet as it had no mayhem scaling in the preview). Personally I will be doing a build that is Short Fuse/significant purple and green enough to grab specialist bear to start off my experimenting with the new tree.


I think its easier to do a non-short fuse build than a non-splash Moze. Shes just too reliant on it for damage and survival.

For most builds it is, but not for all of them. There are a few weapons which actually make more sense to go the BM/SoR route with, the most noteworthy of them being the Lucky 7. Here is video evidence that you can easily clear any takedown without Short Fuse in the equation.

And recently, I was experimenting with flesh melter builds which is a fun way of playing without Short Fuse or even FitSD. In fact, the one thing I am optimistic about with the new skill tree is that it will allow me to expand further on a particular flesh melter build I’ve been tinkering with.

Flare is only in the IB damage formula right? It won’t really affect our damage.

The way I understand it has its own spot in the formula. Pretty sure it affects both IB/Moze but would only work with cub that way due to being while action skill active which autobear doesn’t count as.

but are you using guardian rank perks?

and not to knock you because that is a good setup, but those are some the best weapons all with perfect anoint and also mostly dlc required from what i can tell, one of the best shields, and a mod and relic all with perfect bonuses.

without the bonuses that put your shield so high, that rocket launcher round you took at the start would have been enough to down you.

So that perfect gear is really the only thing keeping you going there, but point aside that is a very nice build. and with all the rng bs i know that was far from easy.

And to your point the problems i had with my build were before they changed skills around, so the things that you’re taking advantage of to make red/green bloodletter work better just didn’t exist when I ran it.

And why skip selfless vengeance i forget how it works, was it not multiplicative, it says gun damage dealt?

Without more skill points I don’t see any way full investment in purple is a good idea. For this setup you can’t give up red tree, because that’s both your damage and survivability.
Green is boosting your damage per mag, by extending your magazine while also providing survivability.

since we only have about 2 and a half, the only way i can see making full purple work is if you, then went into red to until you maxxed thin red line, go green to get redistribution and rushin offensive, then go full blue until you get vampire and use double rail guns with iron bear.

but i’d imagine there’s still a great deal of lost damage there
and you’d probably have to cheese the beacon’s ability to keep purple tree bonuses up to help you.

The skill that increases damage for as long as cub is out will be key to a full purple build. We’ll see how effective it is soon, but I imagine it will be pretty effective with a flare com from dlc4.

hmm, i kind of see that, but that’s tier 5, on top of that it’s just additive gun damage and not all damage. It’s also kind of low, you’d need iron cub to be up for a full minute just to get the same bonus as 5 points in scrappy a tier 2 green.

that’s also assuming it doesn’t have some hidden cap we’re going to find out about later.
I don’t know about the flare(i literally know nothing about it) but the new com from arms race may also be good for that, depending on what they mean by setting enemies on fire “resets” her action skill.

Let’s…just wait and see. I’m not gonna speculate on what sits where in damage formulas until I can try the skills for myself.

Red and green tree is possible in takedown. I prefer taking the blue tree though because it makes my Moze more powerful. I’d say it’s easier with the blue tree than red AND green tree.