Built my own Kiith/homeworld signs

Played the game for the first time a couple months ago and feel like it become pretty influential given that amount of feels it gave me. With that said I built a series of metal signs to hang around the house.

Tell me what you think.


Also my burning man art car takes a lot of inspiration from the Kushan struggle. In other words, thanks gearbox for making a solid ■■■■■■■ game!



I actually laughed upon scrolling down and seeing that last pic on account of how ridiculously it escalated an already impressive post.

What the hell is this place? Did you make all of this yourself, or are you and the rest of NASA’s engineers just killing time before the summer holidays?

That’s freaking awesome. Are the plates cut using a laser or a water jet?

Holy freakin’ hiigara those signs are cool.

You plan on selling any of your work?

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I use a CNc plasma cutter

You know I made all these for myself but my girlfriend is getting real pissed that our house is looking like a hiigaran last Vegas.

I am always open to making people custom signs.


I had taken my art car to the California science center for a nasa themed event called yuris night. Got to set up the turret next to the endeavor space shuttle.

Ps I don’t work for nasa nor am I an engineer. I am a filmmaker by trade and just decided to make a war machine one day.

It’s called the King Mahtusahn if you want to see more of it on Facebook or something.


Seriously though I’ve been scoping out homeworld for like 10 years and always avoided cause it looked to slow. Boy was I wrong.

Also, I made this when ■■■■ was slow at work.

Cool game bro!



Very nice! What software did you use?

For the video I used Cinema4d, after effects and premiere.

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