Bullet collision issue?

i noticed right at the first gun fight in the game that i had issues with being able to shoot enemies while crouching behind cover. so im crouched behind those concrete barriers and i cant hit enemies while using iron sights (peeking over cover) because my bullets literally disappear or hit the concrete barrier instead. i ended up just not trying to use cover tactically like that anymore but theres definitely something wrong here.

Don’t expect this to be changed; staple of the series. It’s not a military / simulation shooter. I know this is for the worse and I’m not defending it.

Treat Borderlands more like a big blocky Lego world where you have to expressly stand or leap over cover to make sure your bullets don’t hit it.

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youre right, its mostly just the very beginning of the game (if youre new to borderlands in general i guess) when you would actually try to crouch behind cover but as you level up you realize that skills and overall gameplay tend to reward you for always moving/sprinting/strafing

I noticed a lot of suspect object boundaries blocking shots too. Not much you can do about it except peek out a little further to compensate.