Bullet decals missing since update

Just a report as I’ve already submitted a ticket : since the 4K update, bullet decals are now missing. I’ve tried in multiple locations.

Will update if/when I get a response, but I would love confirmation from other players.

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It’s taken a week, but finally got my ticket acknowledged :

I appreciate you letting me know about this issue you’ve encountered with the game, and in such detail! I will definitely have this escalated to the appropriate department.

I don’t expect to hear anything further from support directly, but hopefully they’ll get their textures sorted out soon. Frankly I’d rather have bullet decals than snipers’ glow back but that’s just me.

I’ve still got bullet decals in mine with the update. Here’s my not-glowy sniper leaving marks on a wall.


Finally had a chance to hop into BL2 - still no decals in my game. 2K ticket response was…disappointing.

is there any way to prevent my game from installing this update once steam has connection ?

I don’t think you can prevent it, but I believe the Ultra HD Texture Pack can be uninstalled.


I haven’t tried because if I do I can’t co-op - Steam will say my game is incompatible with the others.