Bullet proof blood train

I haven’t. been active in bl2 for quite some time but just bought the goty and looking to get back into. A build I used before when I had my pc as the title says I’m looking for the bulletproof. Blood. Train build that was on the old forum

Hey mate.

So I found the original link you were speaking of, unfortunately it is inactive.

Old Forums Build Guide

That being said. There were a few videos on Youtube that explicitly show the item and the build.

Such as this one.

Or this jolly sailor bold.

As you see, it is capped at 61. Should get you there alright though. We can assist you with the fine tuning once you’re there. Happy Slaughter.

Ah. So that’s why I didn’t include it in the master build list, it was capped @ 61. If someone wants to port it over here and update it, I’ll add it. Thanks.

Edit: Here’s the direct link. I may update this myself since it’s fairly similar to what I use in OP 8.

I’m using this build (more or less) and really enjoy it. Presently 67 with 8 points banked…not really sure how to finish it off. The only real difference is I’m using STV, no TOTK or BB yet, and a Tasty Crunch because I do not want Blood Trance any higher than 5/5. The heart of the build is reduced damage, and boy does it work well for general mobbing.

I’ll be watching to see if anyone has contributions on how they finish this off at 72, and hopefully will post my own findings once I try some stuff out.

I’m very early In my build on level 9 atm what skills should I start with?

Here’s what I would do (did): 1 into Blood Filled Guns, 5 Feed the Meat, 5 Empty the Rage, 5 Strip the Flesh. This gives you Bloodlust stacking with enough health to bull through the early levels. Strip the Flesh gives you damage power with Torgue weapons & grenades. Explosive shotguns can help carry you, as you develop the melee aspects.

This is my 72 build, but I put the last three points into either blood twitch or fuel the fire (storm front). I stay away from blood trance because it can hurt in the OP levels. I pair it with a leg. sickle, a rough rider, and a BoA. I use a SF because I generally play with others who can slag, but a low-level bouncing betty/bonnie are good alternatives. That or a Quasar for shield stripping. The SF is the fastest at stacking BL though.

Well I just got fotf I think I should have waited longer to grab that quest so the shield would last longer.

If you’re playing in UVHM, just reset your playthrough and get it again.

By reset I assume u mean start all over

Yep. You’ll keep your skills, gear, and XP, but you’ll start over with the Cleaning up the Berg quest.

Well I’ll have to remember that I’m only level 10 right now on normal mode. If I do want to reset do I need a certain dlc? I only have the goty

Ah. You can only reset in Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode (UVHM). Since you’re in Normal (NVHM), I wouldn’t worry about the level too much because gear tends to last longer. If you’re going the melee route, just keep an eye out for high damage roid shields instead.

Up to level 20, I usually reset the skills over and over.

Since you’re going down the Mania tree, you won’t really need to.

I actually dropped all points on the Feed the Meat. I’d pepper them from a distance, and then run in and cut through whatever I could.

In normal mode the shield will be roughly the same level regardless of what level you are so waiting wouldn’t have helped. Only in TVHM and later do enemies and loot scale to your level. A partial exception is the first two DLC which will start out at whatever level you are when you start them (minimum 15). (Might be off on the exact details; been a while since I played normal mode.)

It’s like that for all of the Season Pass DLCs except that the first two only scale to 30 while the second two go up to 35. All of them scale to 50 after the Warrior in TVHM and your level in UVHM.

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Looking over the build, I don’t see it working very well in the OP levels due to the increased damage enemies do. It’ll work just fine @ 61, but I’m not sure about 72.