Bullet reflect = quit the game

Nothing more to add really

Move side to side.


Yeah but that means adjusting ones playstyle, obviously not what mayhem mode were made for.


Ya just standing there will get u killed just move and fire not that hard lol
whats really funny the first time i did graveward in tvhm mayhem3 i had that effect dbuff so needless to say playing fl4k critbuild in fadeaway with a lyuda i ended up killing my self a few times lol was funny as hell because i didnt know what was going on.
Because i all most never even look at the debuff page to what on it because they all most dodnt even have a real impact on boss farming .
burning bosses down in 2-5 sec regardless of debuffs

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Use shock weapon and Transformer as shield? 🤷


The question is ! Is it fun to go side to side ? And for most of the people the answer is NO ! i’m not playing borderlands to change my playstyle to move side to side for 5 min to kill a boss.

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Movement in this game is more important than any previous Borderlands to date. That’s why You got sliding and mantling.
If You fight with boss, while standing still, there is nothing to add…


I’ve been playing ESO for so long it’s hard for me NOT to kite at least a bit. My reflex is to move around, and it seems to serve me well.

What I learned from ESO: “don’t stand in stupid”

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“Don’t stand in Stupid” goes back along way. Funny how the phrase hasn’t changed and yet people still stand in it.

I use to play healer for some old MMOs.


Did i say that i was standing still? Oh no every fps you need to move side to side and so on for sure! This reflects things at 30% it’s way to high! Keep you’re mayhem mode but at least lower it! And personnaly i really dought that this thing is not bugged feels way more than 30% to me

I really didn’t realize till this thread that the times when it says “bullet reflect blah blah blah percent” I really hadn’t noticed that contributing to much more trouble for me.

Although I can still recall The first couple of years of ESO when my sweetie patiently coaxing me to kite, and telling me that I wouldn’t die so often if I did that. I think it actually took over a year for me to really “get it”.

I will say that now in Mayhem mode I’m learning the value of ducking behind things to get out of the line of fire for a bit.

what? you mean changing your playstyle isn‘t fun for for you, so it isn‘t for most? I have to concur.

Mayhem is made to change your playstyle. But if you have 25 min to farm are going to shoot burst and cover for 25 min to finally killed what you need to kill when you can just quit the game restart and have different mahem type

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That’s the second time you used that phrase “side to side”. Is that how some people kite? for me it’s much more an arc, ideally close to a circle if there is no cover. If there is I sorta peek out and blast. I love moving and watching the AI try to track me and I see all this damage flying right by me.

B2 I sniped a LOT, but the visuals for B3 are so cluttered that by the time I figure out what I’m supposed to be aiming at, they are already shooting at me, so for this game, guns (including snipers) with decent hip shooting is how I go. I rarely use scopes any more.

Oh, and homing transfusion grenades are my friends!

Hmmmm… even the times when I’m sorta farming, I’m not so caught up in “must have”; possibly 'cause I game with my sweetie, and even if we have one run and don’t get everything, we have a good time playing together.

The modifier is trash. Just quit and reset.

Use weapons that don’t have projectiles that can reflect.

  1. Flakker
  2. Laser Sploder
  3. Rocket Launchers
  4. The Duc
  5. Grenades
  6. E-gone
  7. Really any Torgue weapon

Also, use the Transformer shield because it has a higher chance of absorbing than the chance of reflection. Still doesn’t mean you can stand still and cut loose with a Shredifier, but it’ll help.


Bullet reflect isn’t too bad until you get a high velocity weapon. A few guns projectiles travel too fast to evade.

Regardless, bullet reflection is dumb (in an ocean of dumb modifiers) and even Gearbox agreed and said they are gunna change it/git rid of it somehow.

Indiscriminate skill on Amara reflects bullets towards other enemies. That means bullets will come at you from all directions. It’s nearly impossible to successfully sidestep all the projectiles coming from everywhere.

I guess they should let me respec on the fly.

Just listen to TORGUE



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