Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition - Trailers & Other videos

So, there is new trailer avaible. And if you look at like/dislike ratio and then at comments, you’ll see the reason why there are so many dislikes. I mean, I can’t wait for BL3 too, but disliking video because it’s not Borderlands is ridiculous :confused:
I wish GBX and People Can Fly good luck with the remaster, hopefully there will be sequel at some point :slight_smile:

Also, there were some more videos released lately:

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It was good to see the PCF logo, again :grinning:

However, is a story trailer really the best way to bring new players to Bulletstorm? First time around, the dialogue often made me laugh and the plot was adequate. But that’s not why you buy the game. It’s about the mad guns, outrageous kills and scoring points. All of these were completely absent from the trailer. Instead we got a cut scene edit :confused:

Among the trailers that JohnS posted (thank you, by the way), the only one that did the game justice was “5 F**ked up things …” . I know that in this CoD world, story has become as important (more important?) than the actual gameplay. But Bulletsorm is all about the gameplay. That’s why Echoes and Anarchy work so well.

I imagine the marketing budget is pretty thin for a remaster like this but I hope any further trailers highlight just how much fun to play this game is.

I’m still looking forward to it :slight_smile:

Oh my god. That lip syncing on Duke is beyond god awful and knowing Gearbox it won’t be fixed.
I mean Grayson’s pain sounds are still in there for crying out loud!!

Glad I didn’t pre order because this is just sloppy, it’s a shame too because I really really wanted this to be a quality Duke release.

Story Trailer

Also some ads:

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