Bullpup vs Company Man?

Is the Company Man shotgun here to stay? Or is the Bullpup better?
Mainly asking for Jack, but would like to in general.

Depends. Bullpup is more ammo efficient. CM is great for mobbing with it’s vertical shot pattern.

On Athena, CM is much better at stacking Maelstrom.

Overall, both will fire for about the same amount of time, dealing comparable damage ( bulpup deals more damage, company man is faster and has a bigger mag size) but at the end, you will have spent more ammo with the CM, but more accurately…

I don’t know for Jack and others, but on Nisha the Bullpup is better. And on Athena, the CM is.

For Jack I actually prefer this

but I haven’t had much exposure to the company man.

I would imagine you could make a case for both on Claptrap. Both are pretty far away from his desired weapon type. Maybe the bullpup, because its accuracy can be increased with SS and the damage is already higher.

I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say the CM is better for Wilhelm because he does well with vanilla dps weapons. Overcharge would take care of any ammo issues, and the fire rate and mag size of the CM would be better suited to Wilhelm, although probably not by much.

On Aurelia, I suppose it would depend on skills. With Duchess, the CM may get ridiculously accurate, and it wouldn’t be as affected by large caliber. But the bullpup has more damage, almost the same accuracy, and neither of these guns are bothered too much by large caliber. Maybe the CM would win due to the fire rate and mag size, things that Aurelia doesn’t have as much of as other characters. Otherwise, who knows?

This is all just conjecture btw. My CM is only lvl 68 I think, so I can’t even do a true comparison between the two. This is just what I would assume based on character skills.

Wilhelm…Company Man

But not by much.

Overcharge with a company man is just downright fun!

What about the CM vs a glitched Thinking for Maelstrom stacks?
@BookEmDano do you wanna weigh in here?

Glitches are unreliable for stack building, but the increased mag is nice. The CM has the same fire rate as the thinking, the same number of pellets, the same elemental effect chance and a bigger mag…

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The Company Man I have is non elemental so i haven’t bothered using it. If the stats are the exact same as the Thinking with a bigger mag size then it’s the way to go. I could see a case being made for the Bullpup if there is no way to mitigate ammo consumption like Athena and Jack have so better to opt for more damage.

I never used the Bullpup much but I love how I can use the company man at long range and can easily get crits from it

I ended up with both a non-elemental Company Man and whatever the SMG is called (I should have Alt-F4ed until I got Shock versions, but meh). I use both in the Sentinel Fight during the second stage of the big guy, when you have to destroy his face/shield, but resists shock (and basically all elemental damage).

I couldn’t on PS3 because it’s instant being Shift reward. Explosive for shock resistant phase takes out the shields rather quick. Rocket launchers make it a cake walk especially when you already have max stacks and Unrelenting active.