Bullpup weapon in Borderlands 3?

Hi do you think we will have bullpup weapon in BL3 ? in BL1 a dahl poster show this gun

Shame i’ve never find him in BL1 and BL2, he has a rather chic look.
Hope we will have bullpup gun in BL3.

Huh, I thought those posters were BL2 kind of style. But I guess I never paid attention to those posters in game anyway.

Don’t we already have bullpup guns? Dahl ARs in BL2 (which has similar style as the gun in the poster) are non-bullpup, but IIRC all SMGs in BL1 and Dahl SMGs in BL2 were all bullpup. I also think there are more bullpup guns than those I remember.

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Pics with bullpups from borderlands.com

Seems all bullpup on these screenshot are “smg” like said diator, hope to see assault rifle bullpup too.