Bunch of stuff for Shield of Ages Lv. 70

I am willing to trade all of the following things for a Lv. 70 Shield of Ages:

Reactive Viral Marketer
Celestial Enforcer COM
Oxidizer Oz Kit
Ack Ack Oz Kit
Fabled Tortoise Shield

All of these are Lv. 70. I had a big Golden Chest / Grinder blowout. Spent almost my entire stash of keys.

My GT is Iaeyan Elyuex. My Enforcer has a lot of shield-boosting abilities, so this shield will work well for him.

It’s a mission reward with fixed parts, I need to hear the story as to why you can’t get it :stuck_out_tongue:

Because I like the flamethrower you get from the other option.