Bunker Double drop and my first dub voice-over vid

I have been playing around with the video capture ability on the Xbone. It seems pretty limited as to what I can do. Still fun to play with.

Here is the vid:



I have been broadcasting via twitch on xbox one. I have a regular free account but I toggled the option that all my videos get saved for 30 days so people can at least view them for that long. I would rather make more permanent videos but oh well.

Some of my first captures were involving the bunker as well. I recorded a zero takedown of the bunker using bore, of course.

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Nice one, @Kurtdawg13! Gotta love a good double-drop from Bunker!

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Holy crapperoni. Sorry to necro this but that’s such an absurdly good find simply because not only did you get a normal drop and a world drop on the same kill, the world drop also just so happened to be a drop the BNK-3R normally drops. That’s some phenomenal luck!

(This also goes on fuel my paranoia that bosses might drop their stuff as a world drop instead of an assigned one and you wouldn’t even know it! Unless in this case anyway since the Bitch came from the randomly distributed guns making it easier to distinguish)

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You can necro my thread(s) anytime. cheers! :wink:

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that’s awesome, nice video btw :wink:

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Thanks Manny. much appreciated.