Bunker heads trade

I m farming bunker for days now but very unlucky. Can someone help me with heads for maya, krieg and or gaige from the bunker? I have multiple the baron gunzerker bunker heads to trade. Gamertag TwofacedRan

I farmed Bunker myself hundreds of times to get my Maya head. It might be that I have a Zero or Gaige one stashed away somewhere…

There is a storm at the moment but I will check later if I still got one.

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:cry: It seems I sold them to make room for all the Effervescent gear. Sorry I feel your pain. I got my Maya from 58 to 72 almost solely by farming Bunker. I was already OP 3 when he finally even droped one head.

Only tip I could give you is if you still need to hit max. level with a character use him to farm XP. You can actually shoot his lower eyes from the platform with the vending machines. All you need is a blue Maliwan or Tediore corrosive smg. If you have a bee you can beat him this way in under 3min. even on UVHM/OP.


Too bad, but thanks for checking and the advice

Got them all, have zero and Salvador spare if anyone wants.