Bunker went to heaven today

Just killed him again farming xp in uvhm, i look away to kill a loader to the right, and return to looking for loot only to notice bunker wasnt on his death bed, i look around for my loot and see nothing except loot still falling but from much higher and bouncing all over, i look up and see his body floating there, but after some more observation i notice that he isnt just floating but is rising slowly. I continue to watch until he finally vanishes. It was a strange occurrence. No video but i did get a screenie of him way up in the sky. And due to this strange occurrence i find myself with little loot to grab from this kill.

This happens very often, especially on older gen, which is why I avoid farming him, he glitches out for me every 3-6 runs.

I tend to reset after 5 kills, since i dont want to have any bugs occur from having to much loot in the vicinity, and it can be a problem when reloading. Also annoying looking through loot and stat panes getting in the way once a bunch builds up

I reset every time.

It’s pretty hilarious but also pretty annoying considering all the loot is spread out very far with a good possibility it landed somewhere inaccessible. I’ve killed the flying trashcan many hundred times and it’s happened only once or twice fortunately.
Still, it makes you quite paranoid wondering if you just missed a Sham/Bitch/Head.

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