Bunkers and badasses 2

Can we please get a follow up to “Assault on Dragons keep”? That was a fun and very major departure from regular gameplay and settings and I loved it!!!


You mean you haven’t created 3-5 drafts of a homebrew 5e D&D setting both preceding the events of the DLC and taking place several years after the Handsome Sorcerer was dethroned, having upwards of 20-30 sessions for each draft?

:rainbow::rainbow::rainbow::rainbow: The sequel IS YOU! :rainbow::rainbow::rainbow::rainbow:

Lol nice. The sequel is SHADOWRUUUNNN

6E of Shadowrun is about to be released (10 pages errate before release already). You can’t beat the feeling of a real tabletop roleplaying game.

Apart from that: I support the notion of another Assault on Dragon’s Keep. It was a blast to play.

Story wise I don’t know why they would do another. Assault on Dragon’s Keep was all about using the game to deal with Roland’s death. Another DLC like this would either end up as a rehash or it wouldn’t have the deeper story the first one did.

I say this as someone who isn’t the biggest fan of Dragon’s Keep though. That setting/genre isn’t what I like about Borderlands.

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Im all for 2.0 missions or expansions like this, they just have to be done right. I mean Tina is older in this one and D&D is huge so why not, she would be an even better Dungeon Master.

Honestly would love to see an official Borderlands Tabletop.

I think it’s a great idea as well, that would be just awesome. Missing ButtStallion these days. :grinning:


High chances that it will turn out to be just a weaker, ‘secondary’ version of BL2 DLC4. And I like that DLC a lot.

I’d prefer something else and no more Tiny Tina.

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