Bunkers & Badasses: The (actual) Tabletop Game

Hello, fellow vault hunters.
Like many of you, I’m a huge fan of Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep. Since the first time I saw the Bunkers & Badasses set on the game, I thought “man, wouldn’t it be awesome to actually have that as a thing”.
I searched Youtube, Google, Gearbox’s shop and I was surprised! There was no such thing!
I was genuinely surprised. I mean, how can they NOT capitalize on that? Everyone would buy, just to say that they are a big fan of the series! I know I would! And I asked a borderlands group what they thought of the existence of an actual set of the game.
(Try to not notice the picture of my friend there.)
As it can be seen, most people think it would be a good idea, and a few would buy that with no regrets.
And so…
I decided to create Bunkers & Badasses.
I have the entire game set up. Mechanics, rules, graphics… There is only one thing that is missing. The developers approval.
An e-mail was sent to them, for no answer. Either they saw it and didn’t thought much of it, or the e-mail was lost at the flood of other e-mails they must receive. Without an approval from their part, this project would be infringing on copyright laws. So, what would be the best way to get their attention?
I can think on two ways:
1- Continuing the project without their approval. They would notice me, sue me and I’d be screwed. So that’s a no-no.
2- Go on their forums and make a topic that would call the attention of a lot of people, so that a worker from Gearbox notices it and say “hey, that sounds cool. Maybe I should tell someone about this”. This looks more safe, so I am going to stick with this one.

And here I am, asking you guys: what do you think about this? Would you like to have this as a thing? Think it would be awesome? This it’s a terrible idea? Any ideas? Wanna be part of the team?
Then say what you think below! As soon as this thread becomes a hit, the higher are the chances of the dream of playing Bunkers & Badasses becoming real.
And do you guys want a quick match for demonstration? Tell me, please. I can do a video demonstrating it with no problem. I just want to make sure that there are people who would be interested in it before putting up a video.

TL;DR. Bunkers & Badasses as an actual tabletop game. Yay or nay? Tell me why and share with your friends.

(A little sneak peek of the visuals of the game. As much as it may seem like a TCG, it is a tabletop RPG, don’t worry)
[It is also showing how I am not a master of Photoshop and will need help if the project goes forward e.e)

Any questions you may have about my project, you may ask and you shall be answered.


I’d totally up for something like this. I like RPG’s but I find the Dungeons and Dragons world a little too intimidating? to break into.

I understand Pandora and the chaos of Borderlands and can become far more easily invested!

I actually tried to do something like this a while back but it just turned into D&D with guns.

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Pictures! Show us more pictures!

I’d totally up for something like this. I like RPG’s but I find the Dungeons and Dragons world a little too intimidating? to break into.

My idea is making an easy-to-digest game. If I were to make a complicated game, fans of the series would simply stick to the videogames.

I actually tried to do something like this a while back but it just turned into D&D with guns.

I believe I have made a game that is not D&D with guns. It is a bit more dynamic.

Pictures! Show us more pictures!

I believe more pictures wouldn’t really help, though like I said, I do pretend on making a video demonstration. That will be a lot more simple to explain than just images.

Well I went through a ton a variants and I was trying to replicate the game they were playing in full.
The problem was no one liked D&D 1.0 because there were only a few characters you could play.

My plan to bring attention to my project certainly is failing.
I wonder, would making a video explaining the game would bring more attention?

I like it. I would love to see this in completion.

Give it some time. This is a new thread. “If you build it, they will come” LOL I’m paraphrasing here. :wink:

Actually, this is an innocent “up”, for more people to see e.e
I’ll start making the video, THAT will definetelly bring more attention.

Work on it as an indie project then bring it to Gearbox’s attention once you have a more viable form of the game, as I’ve no doubt they’ve received this idea before. Good luck and yes, I’d give it a shot (pun intended…) :smiley:

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I would play this haha. Gearbox should get someone on this. Who doesn’t like a family friendly board game of mass hysterical violence?

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i need this. i will uploadfootage of the Fam and I playing this board game. it would fit nicely in my Borderlands is a Lifestyle thread. :blush:


Well, good news, everyone.
Just finished recording Axton and Maya attacking a pesky bandit camp that were assaulting whoever tried to get out of Sanctuary, using my board game. Problem is, they were not too well prepared, so they got their butt kicked a bit e.e

I’ll be making a video based out of this little story on a more refined way, and will be releasing it someday.
Look forward for that ^^

What type of system are you using? Something like PACG or more like actual D&D (or Dark Heresy which would actually be a better fit)?

I’m a pretty hard core boardgamer (My BGG profile: https://www.boardgamegeek.com/user/kgk4569). If you ever need to bounce ideas off of, or make suggestions, I will help.

I wouldn’t really be able to tell you. While I like tabletop games, I haven’t played a bunch, so all I’ve done was gather my knowledge on tabletop RPGs, got my common sense and a bit of logic, and tried to make an easy enough game for non-tabletop fans at the very least think about switching from virtual games to gathering some friends to play the tabletop game, but not too easy to make hardcore RPG’ers not want to play my game for being too simple.

I think I managed to balance it out enough for this objective of mine. When you see the video, you may be able to see what type of system I’m using.

Hope this doesn’t sound like I’m doing some type of scam, where I’m don’t even know what I’m doing e.e

Fair enough. :slight_smile:

I suggest getting a copy of “Pathfinder: Adventure Card Game” (or download the free(ish) to play app). The system it uses is much more accessable to play to the average person, at least more so than D&D style RPGs.

Something similar might be a good fit.

Little update on the project: Script and prototype video are all basically done. I imagine that next month the video will be done. I still have to record all the narration, and THAT will take a long time. If someone wants to be a nice person, I wouldn’t mind u.u
And as siahrise14 asked, here is one more picture: the new design for the weapon cards. How cards works will be explained, though not today. BTW, kgk4569, the system is a bit similar, having cards and all. Though maybe not as much as Pathfinder is.

Edit: Prototype video is ready. Next step: record the narration.



Email me on stormhierta@gmail.com - I run an RPG publishing company and we’ve been entertaining the same idea. We could make a concerted effort.

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I’d love to see something official (or officially allowed :p) !

I’ve been thinking about porting Borderlands to a FATE/FUDGE game (like D&D or Pathfinder, but way more customizable and accessable).

I found this post because I went looking for figures to use, preferably ones in the Heroclix scale…

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Have you considered using Savage Worlds? It’s a generic rule system like GURPS, but much more simple and fun. Plus, they have a lot of stuff in their official settings and companions that you could use to bring Borderlands into it. The Deadlands Reloaded setting is full of things you could adapt to Borderlands. The “1880 Smith & Robards Catalogue” supplement for it has even incendiary, corrosive and explosive bullets. If you mix some stuff from Deadlands Reloaded (weird west setting), Deadlands Hell on Earth (Mad Max style post-apocalyptic setting) and some stuff from their sci-fi settings and companions, I think you could build a very rich and thorough Borderlands setting.