Burgers, a thread about Burgers and only Burgers, some cheese

You can also get Americana stuff (Civil war memorabilia, anything ‘Stars and Stripes’ themed, etc.) Not sure what that would be food-wise?

Deep fried twinkies wraped in bacon with a side of apple pie?

I’m feeling sick…

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How many people can THAT feed. Heck we have the forum covered!

They might need more Coke in that fridge…

and a diet coke please, trying to loose weight


Avocado, meat and cheese. That’s it.

Anyone here tried hamburgers made out of moose meat?
So good

Is that what @KrewlraiN’s burger was made out of? Looks big enough for at least part of a moose!

Deer burger mix with chopped ghost pepper + black pepper jack cheese + mayo…Sooooooo damn good

If we’re still talking fast food burgers, Five Guys is damn good, although I don’t know if they’d be considered fast food.

I remember Jack in the Box having some really good burgers when I visited Hawaii when I was a kid, haven’t had one since though.

I used to love Burger King but their quality has dropped off quite a bit.

I’ll probably get a lot of hate for this, but I ■■■■■■■ love White Castle. I wish there was one closer, nearest one is like a 30 - 45 minute drive to get to.

Sorry guys, the polar bears took them all :<


Get me a Root Beer Float then :wink:

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I prefer Pepsi anyway.

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Psh, Dr. Pepper is where it’s at.

Or at least it was when I was allowed to have caffeine :anguished:. Stupid heart…

Someone mentioned bison/buffalo, and I will agree with the others who said that it is amazeballs. I can’t turn it down when it is on the menu. It just tastes cleaner, all you get is that good meat taste plus whatever seasoning they use. No greasy, fatty flavor.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the taste of greasy foods. But when you just want a damn good burger, bison is perfect.


As I am not so secretly my high school’s polar bear for games and such, I can confirm that polar bears indeed do have all of the coke.

It might just be because of my job that has me traveling all over the place, but I almost always love a good burger made by a chip truck out in the middle of nowhere.

They can be hit or miss, but I have a spot in a crappy trailer out in the bush that I go by every once in a while that makes my favorite burger.

Bonus points for any place that dumps a mountain of fries with their good burger.


Steak meat patty, about half a pound.
Garlic and Sea Salt
Fried Egg
Diced Jalapeno/Red Peppers
Sliced Pepperjack, Tomato Basil, Aged Swiss cheese
Bacon Strips
Dijon Mustard
Spicy Pickles
Grilled/Toasted Ciabatta Bun