Burn1ngZ0mb1eZ Inventory and Wish List Thread [WIP]

The point of this thread is to give me a link I can paste in other threads so people can see what I have available to trade.

First the inventory portion, which will be all the items I currently have sorted by type and marked with annointment. If you want to know specific items stats please ask I will pm a picture of the item.


Melty Cheep Pestilence
Stabby Whizzy Pestilence
Nasty Devils Foursum [ANN] gamma burst
The Companion [ANN] ASE Crit +25%
Kings Call (Incindiary) (Shock)
Quickdraw Unforgiven
Oozing Vigorous Roisen’s Thorns [ANN] ASE weapon damage 100%
Dastardly Maggie [ANN] enemies damaged by Rakk Attack take 100%
Cunning Wagon Wheel [ANN] after using Rakk Attack Crit +25%
Infinity (shock x2) (corrosive) (radiation) (incindiary) (normal)

-Assault Rifles
Shocking Relentless Kaos [ANN] ASE weapon damage +100%
Rowan Call (shock) [ANN] gamma burst
Razer The Dictator [ANN] gamma burst
The Dictator [ANN] enemies damaged by Rakk Attack +100%
Luciens Call (corrosive 5x zoom) (cryo 1.5x zoom) (incendiary 0x zoom)
Luciens Call [ANN] gain Rakk Attack charge
Double Penetrating Pneumatic Laser Solider (caustic)
Molten Vengeful Damned (incindiary)
Swift Damned [ANN] ASE gain 15% lifesteal
Indulging Bearcat [ANN] while Auto Bear is active +20% incendiary
Gatlin’ Gatling Gun
Gatlin’ Gatling Gun [ANN] enemies damaged by Rakk Attack take +100%
Star Helix (normal) (cryo)
Shocking Star Helix (shock) [ANN] after using Rakk Attack Crit +25%
Venomous Warlord (caustic) [ANN] ASE Crit +25%


I’m taking a break doing this on my phone sucks please ignore this post for now