Burning Summit Help

Can anyone please mail me a Lol 50 Non Anointed Burning Summit grenade mod?? I’ve asked this before but you never know who will read this. I have 2 Burning Summits Anointed to offer in exchange of the Non Anointed. Please.

GT - AKlokwrkMrOrnge

Heard about this a few times but never seen one and I’ve got like 800 hrs in. What’s it do? Specific ways to obtain that or is it just not known because internet searches havent turned up much

It’s randomly sent to players from Tyreen, I asked 2K and they said it’s random there’s nothing specific u can do to get it.

Right on well if theres a way to get those annointed versions from ya shoot CrittaCrit a message with other things you may be looking for