Burst Dash Suggestion

So I have been reading a lot on here that people are struggling with her burst dash (not AoE) so I do agree the hitbox is really small and hard to hit. My suggestion was to make it like her ultimate, there should be a cone like visual on the floor indicating the area it will hit and she should be able to hold it like Mikos spore, this will of course require a buff to the moves hitbox but I believe it would make it a lot better and viable.

I disagree with this, though I disagree with most Deande posts on here lol. I think her ultimate is excellent despite the complaints against it, Burst dash does have a short range which is the only real downside but as Deande is an assassin who cloaks she is supposed to kill at close range so a short dash for high damage is fine by me. As for aiming, I don’t think you should have to aim with such an attack, line up the enemy and away you go, but there is a brief delay before the strike so you do have a second or so to “aim” the attack before you launch.


Not asking for a increase of range[quote=“Slif_One, post:2, topic:1449880”]
As for aiming, I don’t think you should have to aim with such an attack, line up the enemy and away you go,

This is why the move is such a problem and most people go with AoE. The move doesn’t even give us a chance to aim and people tend to move really quick in this game. Not to mention the cool down is not short either to compensate and the damage is pretty low without the right gear so high risk low reward.

I really don’t like the AoE and don’t like when I see people using it, which is almost every Deande I see :frowning: The cooldown is too long I can agree with that much, and you have to level high to get the cooldown reduction helix, and her decoy has an even longer cooldown which is frustrating as it’s her main strength… I’m from Aus so I’m very used to red bar which makes lunge attacks really hard to hit, but I don’t really have trouble with Deande’s with the brief animation and cloaking.

I hate how the AoE is so much weaker than the burst dash. But yeah I think her burst dash should be so linear and at least give us an indicator like her ultimate.

I think the issue is that her melee hit box is very narrow in general, probably carries over to burst dash. Does take a little getting used to, I’m like slif on this one, hate seeing deandes using the AoE helix mod for it.