Burst Dash - The Culling Helix

I made some test about The Culling helix but didn’t find the answer about my questions

“The Culling : Increase Deande’s damage against weakened oppenents. +23% damage” Level 7 right Helix

The helix looks pretty useless like that, as it’s only 5% more damage than the left helix (+18% dmg for melee fan) but only for 3sec with a pretty long CD (i guess weakened last 3sec, not sure)
+18% permanent dmg looks a lot better than +23% for only 3sec each 18sec

  • But the question is : does the 23% more damage apply on the Burst Dash initial hit, or only for all dmg done after the burst dash ?
    I think no as for the caldarius’s blind lore if you kill the enemy with the flashbang it doesn’t count as a blinded enemy (they should fix that btw)

  • And if it doesn’t, with Ground Zero (lvl 1 right helix) as the Burst Dash AOE hit 3 times does the 23% apply on the 2nd and 3rd hit ?
    I feel like it does, but again… i’m not sure

An other question : does anyone use Beast of Momentum ?

“Beast of Momentum : Kiling an enemy increases Deande’s movement speed for a brief time. +10% Movement Speed for 5 Seconds”

+10% Movement Speed for only 5 seconds is really low, you can’t even really feel it. When other character can have +9% permanent (caldarius), +30% permanent (alani if she keeps her osmosis stacks) and maybe other characters

Yeah, ive never messed with that helix. It just doesn’t seem like it would ever be worth it. Maybe if it was like 40% or something I would consider it, but not for such a small damage increase.

Beast of momentum also seem unnecessary because she doesn’t really need the movement. She isn’t the type to just plow through a series of enemies, she picks out one and locks them down. She doesn’t even have to chase with uppercut. And for eacaping, she has holotwin.

Yeah I always went with the permanent 18% damage boost as well. And for the beast of momentum helix if im not mistaken the other choice for that level is 25% damage boost on attacking an enemy from the back or sneaking up on them right? I always felt like that was more useful when i would cloak and run behind enemies and start smackin em.