But Did They Restore HUD Scaling?

So, it’s the end of Season Pass 2.

Their last hurrah. Lot’s of fixes, patches. And a raid boss… /they say…

But as the title says. Did the HUD Scaling setting get fixed ???

That is all I want (and have wanted for almost a year) to entice me (an no double countless others) to even consider purchasing Season Pass 2.


No it didn’t get fixed.


Thanks for the info. Saves me re-installing it to test.

Their loss.

I wonder just how many sales of SP2 (and in my case, any future 2k/GB ‘products’) they have lost to small things like this.
Had this setting not worked fine for 8 Months, and then be removed, then restored without function, I would probably not feel so ignored and betrayed.


yeah, I’m angry as well. I have filed them a support ticket regarding this, with a clear video showcasing this bug (among other ones). They have accepted it and told me they have forwarded to the devs.

I was expecting that at least this gets fixed.
(I wasn’t expecting the other minor stuff like PC version has wrong Iron Cub size in the skill menu, Zane Mantis cannon not showing in the skill menu)


Well if it matters I haven’t purchased anything past the initial purchase of the Super Deluxe Sucker Beta Edition. Though I don’t have problems with HUD as you do my console crashing never got fixed nor did the split screen get fixed out of beta.

However with the money I saved I purchased a couple other games that I am having a blast playing

It Takes Two - if you have a console and enjoy local co-op (like most people did with the first three BL entries) this game is amazing, can’t recommend it enough.

Outriders - Yeah its a little rough around the edges but it is a first entry into the new IP not to mention they also released a demo to let you try it out first, not too many companies do that now days. I am enjoying it, just playing single player at the moment but will get to multiplayer once I finish the campaign.

The best part…neither of these games have crashed my console once. (I know that is a pretty low bar all things considered)

@Ampee - good luck with you support ticket. I submitted a few for the console crashing and even 2k replicated the issue and forwarded it to the developers and that is where is stayed in limbo over a year ago so…yeah.


Yeah, I know.

BTW here a forum member who is a gearbox “employee” replied that they are looking into it.

I just really don’t get it how hard it could be to address this issue. I would do it for free for them in my spare time.

Well that is one of the three standard answers you will get most of the time, if any.

  1. We’re aware of it
  2. We’re looking into it
  3. Not at this time


“Could you please try sfc /scannow?” :smiley:

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Also I would like to mention that one of my relative has eye problems and therefore we always maxed out (almost) the HUD display. Now we can no longer do that and this is a dealbreaker for him.

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Yeah, that certainly was a thing about 6 month ago.

Nother ever became of it.

And it is my understanding that config files are not installed locally.m otherwise I would be able to reset the hud scaling to me desired setting without being beholdern to GBXAnother "“Amazing Advnatage of Awyats Onlne contanet.”

These fraudsters scumbags removed a setting that was working perfectly since lauch, with the Gaurdian takedown.

I purchaaased the super delux, garanteed reach-around addittinon…

Yet these fraudsters removed a setting that had been there since launch, rendring the gme, and dlc 3 & 4, unplayable for me…

UI still blows in split-screen. And now the new crashes are occurring in single-player for me and the most recent one shut down my Series-X. This is the first time BL3 hard-crashed my new console. Fun times. Not sure I’m willing to keep trying to play this game and risk bricking my new console.


Soooo, when?

Haha, new game was just announced, so probably never lol.

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They did not fix it. But I have found a small mod that does. Link below.

BL3 Small Hud

Sadly while that works it’s really a mixed bag, like when you activate the skill the countdown bar is still huge, enemy HP bars are huge etc…

So yeah, typical half baked mod ■■■■.

However I really appreciate and thankful for your post, since you couldn’t have known whether I knew about this mod or not :slight_smile:

That’s odd. On my (steam) installation, it only goes back to large HUD when using vehicles. Returns to small upon exiting vehicle…

Large when using vehical.

Enemy and Action Skill bars…

Perhaps I only concentrated on the actual HUD scaling, and never noticed those things are the original large size.

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Now if they would only allow MOD support on consoles so all the other issues could be fixed by people that actually care.

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Yeah that larger version looks so much better and closer to previous installments. If a mod can do it why cant GBX get on this…

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Probably because none of the streamers that @GBX listens to…oops I mean follow, have raised the issue. Curious how that looks in split screen though with the MOD.