But...what's really new and creative in BL3?

Emphasis is mine.

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Here’s an analogy I’ve used before but it remains valid.

I went to my badminton club, the other day, and they had made some changes. Apparently, the shuttlecock was hard to control, so to attract new members, they had replaced it with a ball. This didn’t work well with the high net so they brought it down to ground level. The racquets had to be made larger and stronger to cope with the weight of a ball. In turn, this lead to the court being made longer. I pointed out that they had just invented tennis. But tennis was very popular, so what was wrong with that? Nothing, except I wanted to play badminton … :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

It’s hard to define why the Borderlands formula works so well. But it does. Let’s not change it to court popularity (Battle Royale, anyone? :roll_eyes: ) or, even worse, change it for the sake of changing it. The only thing better than a good scotch whiskey is a better scotch whiskey, not one that’s been mixed with fruit juice and Red Bull or whatever.

Sorry. Too many analogies :smile:


Guns, loot and gameplay. Looking worward to interesting enemies to fight against, looking forward to fun guns to use. No idea what innovation are you asking for.

Forget Dead or Alive, BL3 is the sexiest game

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