Butchered Pimp build

OOH, the Pimpernel, the only sniper that works nice on everyone. So, what’s this deal about?. Easy, run Krieg with a Pimpernel treating it like shotgun. All of this comes from the @Chuck80 idea of testing my napalm-k build with gear I don’t usually use (e.g. the Pimpernel) and the @Derch Twisted Pimp build concept. Maya and Krieg are the best elemental dealer chars of this game, so why nobody hasn’t replicated it on K.
Works in OP8 and 72. Tested with Bandits and Loaders.

The Build

It’s almost 98% similar to the napalm krieg build, with two differences. One point in Thrill of the Kill (because Elemental Empathy is never enough).

The Loadout:

The Pimpernel: the sniper with that most synergizes with Krieg on a Hellborn build. High DoT chance (even higher than the Hellfire) that gets buffed by Fuel the Fire. And with that, synergizes with Elemental Empathy, making the pimp a great tanking weapon. And can be used in all variants (shock, slag and corrosive)
Alternatives: Volcano Longbow (needs more research though)

The Butcher (corrosive and fire)
The shotugun that wanted to be a SMG. Stupidly high fire rate, works great for tanking too. Fire for COOKING BANDITS AND HAVING A BBQ EVERYDAY and the corrosive one for MELTING HYPERION PIECES OF JUNK (sorry, I released the beast there xD)
Alternatives: Conference Call, Omen, Twister, Blockade, Interfacer.

The Slow Hand
Because slag. This is a weapon only for slagging.
Alternatives: Bandit green x3 mirv Slagga, Grog Nozzle, Rubi, Magic Missile, Bouncing Bonny, Jumpin’ Bitty

Rough Rider. We already know what’s the deal with Krieg and the RR. For those who don’t know: synergy with Salt the Wound (+shotgun dmg) and Embrace the Pain (+ fire rate) plus the 20% dmg resistance bonus and the healh bonus as well.
Alternatives: Flame of the Firehawk.

Legendary Torch: Almost mandatory for a OP8 Hellborn K. Gets the most from this playstyle.
Alternatives: Legendary Psycho (thanks @browesq !!), blue or purple torch

Quasar: Shield stripper, sets you on fire, groups the enemies for slagging them, deals shock damage. What else?
Alternative: our almighty, 5-in-1, always unappreciated all-purpose grenade, the Storm Front (yeah, I’m exaggerating xD)

Blood of Ancients: more space for more bullets, and the extra health makes our meat man more…err, uhm, ahem…cough cough…meaty.



Q: Butchered Pimp?, isn’t that Derch’s Twisted Pimp Maya build?
A: Yes. But this is not Maya. It’s Krieg.

Q: what’s this build about?, “Butchered Pimp” sounds like a disemboweled night ladies’ boss…
A: Never thought about that. Well, being a Krieg build, everything related to meat, guts and blood is welcomed. Oh, and it’s a Krieg build around the Pimpernel and the Butcher. Hence the name. D’oh.

Q: HEYHEYHEYHEY, you’ve said gajillions of times you hate the Moxxi weapons, what the ■■■■ is doing a Slow Hand in the loadout?
A: because slag sake. And I gave alternatives.

Q: what’s the ■■■■■■■ deal with the ■■■■■■■ damned cap?
A: I like that cap. Deal with it. And I have a real one xD

Q: hey bro, love ur build, love krieg plz dupe me your stuff pls my steam id is x_X_Pu$$y_D3$trOY3R_X_x
A: ■■■■ you buddy, I can tell you where to farm the stuff though.

  • Butcher: world drop, tubbies, red chests and loot midgets.
  • Slow Hand: drops from Badassasaurus from DLC2 [Torgue]
  • Pimpernel: quest reward, Don’t Copy that Floppy mission, DLC1 [Capt Scarlett]
  • Rough Rider: Bulwark from DLC3 [Hammy]
  • Quasar: ultimate badass varkids, loot midgets, world drop, red chests, Pyro Pete from DLC2
  • Legendary Torch: tubby enemies from lv61 onwards
  • Blood of the Ancients: loot midgets

Q: your build sucks buddy, doesn’t work ■■■■
A: stop wearing pants, and the build will work for itself

Any feedback will be welcomed. Credits to Derch for the twisted pimp build, chuck80 for the idea and browesq for the testing :smiley:


Now we just need pimp builds with the

  • Ravager for Ravaging Pimp
  • Jolly Rodger for the Jolly Pimp
  • Heart Breaker for the Heart Breaking Pimp
  • Dog for the Dog Pimp
  • Orphan Maker for the Orphan Pimp
  • and the Landscaper for the Manscaped Pimp because personal grooming is important

Other alternative for shields could be an Evolution or Neogenator (and with this much shield delay and self-ignition the shield’s capacity becomes irrelevant), not as high on hit-points as a Rough Rider but at least you won’t be using a FotF

Alternative for the COM should be Torch, not toast: The Pimp gets nothing from PiP

Pressed like

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and the pantsless pimp, you forgot that

i’ve never tested an evo or a neo in op8, yet works nicely at 72

forgot that the toast do that, my bad

So do I. I like his cowboy hat as well.

@ the build: :dukeaffirmative:

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They need a gun called Slickback. Because…

What is wrong with using FotF btw? Just curious.

Nothing wrong per se, but it’s been done before…often

The FotF puts Psycho players in the same sack with sham-fleeting anarchy-Mechros players.

Then there is the rule-of-thumb for situations where you could use a FotF: You simple do not, absolutely, under no circumstances, ever, use it


for real


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Yep. If you like it, use it. But there are better shields for K, the best being the Rough Rider.

I named that combo “Flamenozzle” (FoTFH+Grog)

Same here btwm I don’t like it, Krieg feels too generic running with the FoTFH in lv72 to 80. Yet it’s understandable at early game.

I will never agree with statements like these about Fotf. Its nothing like shamfleeting. It is maybe somewhat cheap if used together with nozzle.
I do agree tho about shamfleeting, that is cheap as ■■■■.
Krieg is probably the only character which can get the most out of Fotf, so why not use that to your advance?
If you feel its cheap… dont use grog nozzle, simple as that.

Like it or not, It haves the perfect synergy with K. Sometimes i think devs designed his hellborn tree with Fotf on their minds.


That is true.

That’s true. But I like my runs hard xD

That’s possible as hell.

I wouldn’t use either FotF or a Grog, simple as that… I like to interact with the game in more ways than just through the movement keys.

And by the looks of Krieg’s creation process from the old inside the box articles I think it’s safer to say that hellborn has more to do with Bl1’s burning psychos and how to get something good out of being ignited.

I havent expressed myself well. What ive meant is that i have the feeling that the whole Krieg character is made with fotf in mind.
2 skills which give - to shield delay. No other character have skills like that. Gaige or Zero would have much more use of a skill like that. Best melee setup for krieg does not include roid shield at all, but a shield with no capacity, rendering the 2 aforementioned skills partially useless.
Take not that krieg is released before grog, so blame grog for making fotf cheesy, not other way around. Grog made a lot of things cheesy and cheap.

If you’re talking about Feed the Meat and Embrace the Pain, then you’re wrong: FtM is always active regardless of what shield you have and EtP is only active while your shield is down. You also have Empty the Rage, which gives a bonus when your shield is down, and Salt the Wound, which is only active when you take health damage - when your shield is down. K can get a lot of use out of a FH, but I still say a RR is better because of the extra health and DR - a lot of Krieg’s skills work better the more health he has (RtB, Elemental Empathy, melee in general, etc.)

what ive meant is regarding the roid shields for roid bonus. I am fully aware what each skill does and how you can put it to good use.

Salt the Wounds is also (partially) synergetic with a depleted shield.