Butchering a fave franchise

You know when you love someone but it’s time to just give up and bounce? That is how i’m feeling with this franchise. Yes a 8-9 year old game was amazing. And Bl3 did many things right…But always seemed to fall a little short. Well TTW makes that game a classic.
Just jumped in to get to Chaos lv 36, was already bored. What a waste of a strong foundation…
If their next game isn’t BL4 with a GOOD story I’m out.
Peace GB


TTWL imo is a better BL3 in regards of gameplay, but falls short in the endgame content BL3 (and even 2) had.

i realy hoped for some more story driven DLC (not realy seeing much use in repeating the PLC appart from farming souls and the most efficient way isn’t even finishing the mirror)

the increased chaos rank isn’t fun either… started grinding 35 → 50 on my melee stabo and it’s just boring AF…

the foundation is still there… but there’s just nothing to do with it in the end.


TTW makes BL1 and TPS look like enjoyable games and those games are objectively ASS lmao.

Im kidding ofc, TTW has better gameplay, build diversity and endgame than those games but TTW is still a mediorce as hell


i was wondering how people felt about TTW…like, I follow the official Borderlands account on Twitter and it went from heavy promotion in the months before release and utterly silent after it came out which was, uh, not a good sign, but I appreciate the depth of discussions here, so…it’s unfortunate that TTW didn’t pan out, i guess.

I also wanted to know if some of the really glaring issues in the Season 2 DLC had been addressed, but it looks like it hasn’t been touched since release…I guess I will keep holding out on that, too. RIP :skull:


It really comes down to the chaos chamber. It was great endgame…for like 5 lvs. After that it got boring and repetitive. Had they made it more like Digistruct Peak where there was only 10 lvs, but each got impressively harder, I think I would have preferred that.
Doing 50 Chaos Chamber runs per character is just not fun. The Icing on that crap cake was the DLC being basically the same thing. Sure DLC3 improved, but still not enough.

Great base game, terrible follow up


That´s exactly how I feel. TTW was the first game in the franchise that I have skipped, and lurking around this forum I think I am not even buying it at a huge discount.
Maybe the shoes where just to big, considering that Assault on Dragons Keep was one of the greatest DLC´s I ever played.
So BL3 was not all bad, just took some steps into the wrong direction, TTW is a blunder - let´s see what comes next (yeah still not ready to completely “divorce”).



I’d recommend TTW, especially if you find it at a discount. The base game is great and well done. Unfortunately, the endgame falls flat and the DLC are quite overpriced.

It’s a good one and done game.

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I want more BL3 :pensive: