Butt Stallion farming results


So I recently acquired 500 Eridium and I decided to spend it the only reasonable way possible: by feeding it to a Pandoracorn. As most of you know, Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon’s Keep introduced Butt Stallion, a rather… unique way of getting loot. By feeding her 5 Eridium, Butt Stallion ‘‘drops’’ an item which can range from ammo to a legendary weapon. It should be noted that she is the only source of Gemstone weapons. These guns have a unique skin and slightly increased stats. I fed her 500 Eridium in one sitting and here are my results:

Green - 37
Blue - 24
Purple (without the Gemstone skin) - 2
Gemstone - 21
Cash - 8
Ammo - 6
Health - 2

It should be noted that Butt Stallion can drop legendaries (it happened a long time ago for me) but that didn’t happen during this run. She only seemed to drop guns. Shields, relics, class mods and grenades were absent. During this particular run, her chance to drop a Gemstone weapon was 21%. I decided to keep a closer eye on the Gemstone weapons and the results were quite surprising:

Pistols - 16
SMGs - 2
Shotguns - 2
Assault Rifles - 1

As you can see, the amount of Gemstone pistols was over three times higher than that of the other weapon types put together. Farming for a specific non-pistol Gemstone weapon is probably going to take a lot of patience and Eridium.

It should be noted that this test was conducted with a level 61 character. It is possible that the quality of loot might differ between different character levels though I’m not a hundred percent sure on that.

So anyway, these were my results. I haven’t found any statistics on Butt Stallion’s drops from these forums and on the first few pages of Google search. I will try to farm her again once I acquire 500 Eridium. If you have an excessive amount of Eridium like I had, give Butt Stallion farming a try and post the results!

Cool! I’ve been throwing mine in the Tina slot machines, but that is a really slow way of getting seraph crystals. I take it this is all with the drop-rates hotfix in place?

I’m pretty sure I’ve had them drop from the Handsome Sorcerer - I don’t usually feed Butt Stallion other than to complete the mission(s), but I have quite a few gemstone weapons in my inventory.

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Yes, this was done with the increased drop-rates. I’ve never had the Handsome Sorcerer drop any Gemstones though. Then again, he is my least favourite boss to farm…

True? Can he drop gemstone Sniders?

Pretty sure the only gemstone weapons I have are shotguns, although that doesn’t really mean anything. Obviously I need to do some experimenting myself!

I’ve never recorded rates of various color category drops, but I have force-fed Butt Stallion to the point where she looks like a My Little Gray Whale instead of My Little Pony, and she has yet to cough up a legendary for me.

The Handsome Sorcerer does not drop gemstone weapons. Only Butt Stallion can drop gemstone weapons. Sniders cannot drop with a gemstone skin unfortunately.

Yep, looks like I misremembered. Just did 10 Handsome Sorcorer runs, and got 2 conference calls plus various magic missiles (X2), lightning bolts and filreballs.

Dropped 150 eridium into Butt Stallion and got:

  • six gemstone revolvers/repeaters
  • one gemstone SMG
  • one gemstone AR
  • four green rarity items
  • nine blue rarity items
  • one rocket
  • three health

The rest disappeared, so I’m guessing it was cash (since my ammo was full)

Gotta say, though: that’s two more conference calls than I’ve ever received from the Handsome Sorcerer AND Warrior combined over the last three years!

Ever since the drop rate buff the Handsome Sorcerer has been a very good enemy to farm, for me at least. Seems he drops a decent amount of random legendary guns along with his normal drops and I’ve even had a nice fire Critical Butcher drop.

Yeah - it’s a nice run, with a very convenient fast travel, and pretty quick with a level 72 Gunzerker! I think it takes me longer to make sure I didn’t accidentally miss something - I almost didn’t see one of the conference calls at all, which would have been a shame because it was a fire one rather than a non-elemental.

From what I’ve read Maliwan snipers of any barrel cannot spawn as Gemstone because of a bug.

Did another Butt Stallion run today.

Green - 30
Blue - 26
Purple (without Gemstone) - 3
Gemstone - 12
Cash - 12
Ammo - 14
Health - 3

This particular run yielded much more ammo and money, but not as much Gemstone weapons. The Gemstones in question were:

Pistols- 8
SMGs - 2
Ars - 2

I’ll farm Butt Stallion and collect the data until I get a flippin’ Emerald Minigun or a decent Legendary.