Butt Stallion loot run... free stuff NOW (my bad... PC only)

Hey, if anyone’s are interested, I’m doing a Butt Stallion Flamerock Refuge feeding fest with 466 eridium, she’s spitting lvl 35-ish loot,
I’m just looking for some better emerald weapons, rest is up for grabs…
ya just gotta add me, am set to online friends only.

NO DUELING, period.

Tuesday, January 4, 2017, 9PM EST US,

Another feeding time, got a Siren up thru Dragon Keep, got Butt Stallion in Flamerock Refuge now,
normal mode, level 30-35 loot,
even have some Fireballs and Lightning Bolts from the wizards free to first-come, first-served.
Bring your own eridium too or not, whatever.

Dueling turned OFF, so, NO.

Again, PC only (I keep forgetting there’s things called “consoles”).

Could you please add on which console you play (PC, PS3, XB360 for regular BL2 or HandsomeCollection-BL2 on PC, XB1, PS4) -
that way I can move your topic into the correct section and you might find fellow vaulthunters more easily.