Butt Stallion Statues are HERE!

(Jeffybug) #1

Butt Stallion and Butt Stallion Diamond Edition Statues are now available for purchase from the Gearbox Store!

Now you can own your very own Butt Stallion, just like Handsome Jack! Just make sure you have plenty of Eridium on hand.

Standard: http://www.shopgearbox.com/collectibles/butt-stallion-statue.html
Diamond Edition: http://www.shopgearbox.com/collectibles/butt-stallion-diamond-edition-statue.html

(I'm back! Somewhat!) #2

Haha gives us an excuse to say “I bought a pony made of diamonds…you know, cos I’m rich”!

(Half-n-Half) #3

Do they come with free pretzels?

They’re both gorgeous but that Diamond Edition is just flawless.

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(Super Badass Constructor ) #5

Sooo shinnnnyy… shinnnnyyyyy… my precciioooooossssss

(The Villain) #6

I feel like this should be a thing, you buy something from the GBX store, you receive with your purchase a free pretzel or a bowl of chili. Your choice.

(Jessica Noire) #7

The packaging though. Rainbow-farting-ponies-made-of-diamonds in SPACE!