Button at Holy Spirits Church

Does anyone know what the button on the cliff behind the Holy Spirits Church is for? It is the one on the cliff next to the Glitch Chest. When I hit the button I can`t seem to find what it does, however there seems to be a timer on whatever it does because after a while I hear a clock ticking down and then the sounds of something clicking. I am stumped and would like to know if anyone has figured this out yet.


To the mystery machine!

indeed this has gabbed my attention as well

Here you go :wink:

The first time I was doing this, was playing with Claptrap as well. Claptrap haves increased movement speed compared to other VHs. Using the same route (which I think is the fastest), Ive reached the last one probably on the last tick and got it opened. Then Ive figured out, why not using Acrobat OZ for faster movement. As you can see no problems at all :). Other VHs definitely need Acrobat OZ kit to accomplish this. I dont know exactly but the time to beat is less than 2 minutes. The timer starts when you hit any of the buttons. Also be sure to clear all areas of enemies before doing this.
Also this completes “Faptrap” challenge for this map.


Thanks for this, it was driving me crazy not knowing what the button was for.

@Exotek Thanks for posting this. It was driving my a little crazy trying to find all of the stomp pads!

Now, does anyone know the locations of all of the balloons? I swear I have shot them all but still cannot get the challenge ticked off.

Np man, glad it helped you out :).

there is one right at the entrance you cant see if you in town shooting ballons and drove me nuts for like 5 mins, then the mission reset occured and boom there it was at the entrance. so idk if you need that one, but they are all in the center of overlook, none to the left or right.

Thanks! I finally got it. It was making me a little crazy. I was starting to think it was bugged.

it appears i was wrong btw, there seem to be 1-2 baloons in the church section :sweat_smile:

Yeah I got that one. I think the one that I was missing is the one way in the back on the little island where that dude’s shack is. The robots kept popping them before I could shoot it.