Button Input Queuing - Working as Intended?

The title may be somewhat confusing, I’ll elaborate…

Let’s use MIKO for the example as I noticed this issue mostly when playing him. If I want to use the healing beam after using a skill and hold the LT/L2, the game seems to not understand that I want this button pressed. In order to use the healing beam I must let go of the trigger and repress for the game to understand. This is a huge issue as the player expects an action to occur after a skill is used and nothing kicks off.


I’ve seen a lot of people complain about this, including me! :smiley: Anyways, the game should recognize you HOLDING the button istead of simply CLICKING it. One of the biggest issues really.

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Bump, if you have noticed/experienced this issue please post.

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What you are talking about is a coding type of thing.

I know for PC’s the system sends a signal for Key_Down, Key_Press & Key_Up. The ‘down’ and ‘up’ events are only sent once (This is more of flag to show a key has changed states, it geeky code stuff), where as the ‘press’ is sent every cycle. However I do not know how the XB1 and PS4 deal with/handle button events, because I have not currently tried to make a game for those platform (If they have the control input only checking for a change in signal/voltage creates a flag for a Button_Down or Button_Up event).

So most likely they have the event system setup for channeled type of abilities where it does the following Key_Down/Button_Down switch the ability to a ‘ON’ state and it is switched back to the ‘OFF’ state when the Key_Up is read… or another ability is used. So when the other ability is used, the state of your channeled ability is switched to ‘OFF’ and then because the system is never sent a new event to “Switch your channel back on” it does not.

I hope this kind of helps you understand the how/why this is happening.

I see, however, with that logic it would seem you would have to have the prior “channeled” ability key (LT/L2) still held down for the other abilities to turn its state to “off”. Which would make sense the button would need to be depressed then pressed again to change the state. That is not the issue occurring.

What is happening for example (use MIKO again):

press/hold healing beam button (starts auto targeting closest ally)

  • depress LT/L2
  • press LB/L1, uses self heal ability
  • depress LB/L1
  • press/hold LT/L2 right after ability is used (this is where it won’t work, have to wait a second or so, depress and re-press button)

Same goes for using Kunai or any other ability, seems you have to wait for them to be completely finished before the game will understand the next key-press.

The gist of it is; appears the game doesn’t queue the next button pressed/held after another action is taking place. As with your explanation it should, as the button state would be “on”. Surprised no one caught this in testing.

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This issue has been mentioned previously but your explanations are the best I’ve read by far.

Hopefully it get resolved.

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Yap…had the same experience and wrote about in my feedback post. I can work around it by timing when to press, but still this gives feeling of controls being clunky and not responsive.

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A Quick Explanation of how Game Code Work

When a event happens it can trigger other events to happen and the state of objects in the game to be put in to different states, which can also trigger other events and states to happen. Because of this some new events can not be done because the objects which these new event relate to are in a incorrect state for the new event to apply to them.


  • Object ‘Z’ (your character) is currently in a NULL state(it is doing nothing)
  • Button ‘A’ is pressed
  • Event ‘A’ happens because Object ‘Z’ is NULL and Button ‘A’ Pressed
  • Event ‘A’ causes Object ‘Z’ to be set to state ‘A’, Animation ‘A’ for Object ‘Z’ begins and Action ‘A’ to begin
  • Because Object ‘Z’ is in state ‘A’ it ignores any new input events which can only be triggered while Object ‘Z’ is in a NULL state
  • Special Events can still apply to Object ‘Z’ (ie. stuns, knock up, knock back) and may even change the state of Object ‘Z’ and/or it location
  • Animation ‘A’ and Action ‘A’ end and because of this Object ‘Z’ is set back to a NULL state

Yes, you are correct that a event queuing could solve the issues you have posted about. However event/action queuing systems tend to not be used in most FPS & MOBA type games, because to removes so level of player based skill from them.

These queuing systems tend to mainly be used in MMORPG & RTS type games.

The ‘Why’ they are used for these game types is because when MMO’s first came out the internet most players had was VERY SLOW by today’s standards and it was needed to help with lag issues. Because of this being a standard for this type of game in its early days, most players of them have come to expect this type of system in them and tend to use macros to help them maximize their game play.

As to RTS games the few first generations of them did not have a queuing system and it was argued that most of the time you spent most of your game micro managing your bases production of units and how that was not only not fun, but also unrealistic for factories/buildings of production. Also they used the basic queuing system was used to units so they could to a place/location on the map based on a path you set for them to follow or you could set them on a patrol route.

I know that was kind of long winded and pretty geeky/nerdy. But I hope that it helps you alone with other have a little better understanding of how the games that you play really work.

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Another MOBA called Monday Night Combat has a support class with a healing beam that doesn’t have the same clunky controls as Battleborn. It can be fixed and IMO it should be. There’s enough ‘skill’ elements in this game already without needing to gimp the controls.

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Thank you for the details, it reminded my why I hated coding in college :slight_smile:

It seems like a simple fix to me, sure GBX can figure it out and adjust.

Was just playing Dark Souls 3, the way its button functionality works is very close to what I’m talking about with this thread. If I press the button corresponding to attack twice it will perform both even though I had hit the button during or right after the animation for the first attack kicked off.

Comeon back, post if you experienced this issue, need to bring it to the forefront. This should be a priority for GBX.

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I noticed that too (aslo with Miko, as it’s the character I mostly played during beta, maybe the only one with a “channeling” skill) , and it’s pretty annoying. Hope this will get fixed soon.

could this be the same issue with benedict when gliding and i use hawkeye it stops registering i am holding the glide key till i re press it again

Sounds like the same (channeled skill / ability)

I believe the issue you are having is due to animations. When you activate healing beam with Miko he does a fist animation before the beam starts whereas his Kunai do not have a start up animation. This creates a cognitive dissonance when a player is used to the instantaneous switch when going from one combination to the other. I am sure feedback regarding skill activation and flow of combat are being closely examined by the dev team, especially regarding characters who experience even greater issues with it such as Whiskey Foxtrot (tip of the iceberg really for this character).

More than likely, the symptom you describe sounds close to the example I gave on Miko. Needing to let go of a button and re-press to activate. Really messes with a player’s game play when you know what you want to do next but the game will not let you.