Buttstallion Drop Data {Ongoing WIP}

So I’m certain someone, at some time, has catalogued Buttstallion runs, or has even published the loot pool data. But I figured I’d go ahead and share the data I’ve had so much fun compiling for the last week or so.

All the following data is from the same character, set to ‘Read Only’. The character’s backpack is empty, and after each run, weapons are picked up in order of descending rarity and the backpack total recorded, then the weapons are purged and the next rarity recorded. All Gemstone weapons are also recorded into a second page of the document by manufacturer and weapon type. The character making the runs has maximum Eridium (500) so there are exactly 100 drops per run. Ammo, health, and money are considered one category and are included simply to keep the percentages faithful.

Several things to note:
I have never, not once, seen a Launcher drop, of any rarity, in my game. However, in a recent 2-person co-op game with my friend as host, multiple blue and green launchers dropped, which utterly flabbergasted me. Important to note that they can either only drop in co-op, one of us has messed up files, or I have had incredibly weird RNG.
Second note: All the runs recorded are on OP8 difficulty, and every weapon that has dropped has had a level requirement of OP8.
Lastly, E-tech Hyperion pistols are considered as purples or Gems, since they are technically meant to be these rarities and Buttstallion does not drop E-techs.

And without further ado, the data

This is the live document I use to record all drops and calculate everything, all the raw data and equations are included for your perusal and peace-of-mind.

Hope at least a few people find this interesting!