Buttstallion op8 farming

I’m going to be farming buttstallion for emerald weapons at op8 at some point, so I was wondering if there was any weapons anyone wants from buttstallion in particular, as I might come across them

If anyone is interested also, the weapons I’ll be looking for and glad if anyone has a spare op8 one are (corrosive [C] and incendiary [I]):

Emerald Beetle [I]
Emerald Falcon [C/I]
Emerald Fox [I]
Emerald Scorpion [C]

Emerald rifle [C/I]
Emerald mini gun [C/I]
Emerald carbine [C/I]
Emerald defender [C/I]

Emerald Scout [I]
Emerald Sniper (Dahl barrel) [I]
Emerald Strike [C/I]
Emerald Terror [C]

Will edit throughout when I get one of the weapons listed


I’m farming buttstallion for aquamarine sniders in every element. I haven’t found any of the things you’ve listed yet - only non elemental emeralds.

Is this on op8? I’ll keep a lookout for them, dyou have any elements already?

I don’t have any sniders that are op8 yet - and I am farming on op8 now

Found a slag one if you want it, at op8