Buy back is Broken for me

Here’s the original post:

It seems to only happen on a certain character, buy thought this whole play through i have not been able to buy items back form shops.

I believe there’s a time limit on the buy-back? I’ve managed it the two times I did sell something I wanted to keep, but that was almost immediately after and I hadn’t left the map.

Maybe grab some random junk, sell it, then try buying it back at different times just to check if it’s working properly?

For me the buy back list clears as soon as I leave the shop and return to gameplay.

This is certainly a bug with the game, I just dont know why the original post was closed as this is still an issue.

Thanks for the reply though. There’s a reddit thread with people mentioning the same happenstance. <3

Hmm I agree that doesn’t sound right. Did you happen to notice if the Item of the Day also changed?

I’ll grab some random stuff and see if the XB1 version does the same thing or not.

Because the OP requested that the thread be closed - I’m guessing they resolved the issue on their part?

Blockquote Did you happen to notice if the Item of the Day also changed?

The item of the day works as intended.

I cant click on the item once it’s in the buy back list to buy it, however there’s a keyboard shortcut for purchasing items (E) and when I press it the buy back animation happens, however the item remains in the shop and I lose/gain no money.

Was your backpack over-loaded when you sold the items? If there’s no room to return the item to, there’s a :no_entry_sign: on each item and, although the screen button/key prompts are shown as active, they don’t work.

Was your backpack over-loaded.

Haha no, I don’t think it’s going to be something simple like that :). Good suggestion though.

So far only been able to test at the gun vendor in Marcus’ place on Sanctuary, and it seemed to be working fine. Do you remember if you tested anything other than a gun vendor - ammo or meds?

PC player here. Buyback not working since day 1 for me. Played only 2 characters but not working on both.
I can tab into buyback list but when i want to buy item it will only show “Pursached!” but nothing else will happen.

Sounds like a very specific bug then, as it has worked for me on XB1.

I have noticed that there seems to be a limit to the number of buyback items in the machine, but when I’ve accidentally sold something I’ve been able to get it back straight away.

If you can grab a video showing the problem, perhaps file a support ticket?