Buy guardian points for Eridium

Not sure if people have already suggested this, but it would be nice to buy points with Eridium or money.

Perhaps 5-10k Eridium or 5-10m dollars per point.

And perhaps only unlock Earl selling them to you after you have unlocked all the Guardian perks and just wanna continue building your Guardian level to max which I believe is 850 now?

edit ~ my attention span is shoooort and I never actually cared. I like my idea, but with 400 hours already in, the game is what it is and I would never even hope to have an idea of mine appear in a game because it’ll never happen. My ideas rock though and people who disagree just suck. :stuck_out_tongue:

Realistically this thread should be deleted, I was just bored.

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For now I think, guardian points kinda go infinite? That would make it a huge power creep, no? Or do they stop when you maxed all of your 3 lists?

While I agree that there should be something more to do with Eridium, I think that Guardian points should be earned, not purchased.


If the option existed there would be nothing forcing you to take advantage of it. I’m merely suggesting the option would be viable. I respect your opinion, but the tone suggesting the idea is completely invalid and without merit is clear and I disagree utterly with that notion. The people who liked your post can… nevermind. lol

Developers, please give the option.

Tone? :rofl: Like I said, “I think”, meaning that’s my opinion. I didn’t say anything about your idea being without merit.

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I got tears in my eyes while lol irl at your ignorance too. :slight_smile:

‘earned, not purchased’ is a direct rebuttal to my idea. Learn how language works kid.

Wow, you’ve got serious issues. You’re so butt hurt over me not agreeing with your idea.

“kid” LMAO! I can almost guarantee that I’m older than you.

This is a forum for discussion. Lighten up. Not everyone is going to agree with you.

Lots of assumptions based on text. Your reaction seems problematic, like an issue. I was trolling you and actually laughing, that is the opposite of taking it seriously, but believe what you like as will I. :slight_smile:

Oh and you didn’t debate my assertion so you must realize your folly.

PS to admins: Apologies for the harmless bantz. Delete the thread if you see fit. I was bored.

Who’s your dealer? I’ve been looking but I can’t seem to buy any Eridium.